Today we’re proud to launch Clips 2.0, a completely redesigned clip-saving and sharing experience in the Envysion application. If you’re looking for a simpler way to save and share surveillance video, Envysion’s Clip 2.0 features can help.
Over the past year, we’ve learned so much about how our customers watch, save, and share recorded video to protect their businesses from theft and risk while ensuring operational compliance. They’re doing amazing things in the Envysion application:

  • Saving clips of critical video evidence or great employee performance to the cloud.
  • Sharing clips with other Envysion users to resolve incidents or improve coaching.
  • Sharing clips via external link with third parties like law enforcement or training partners.

We wanted to make these functions quicker and easier for every one of our customers to help them be more successful. So, we did. We’ve focused all our energy on making it easier than ever to save and share video clips. Here’s what’s changed:

Clips 2.0: Improved Clips Experience  

Organize & share clips easier than ever before with a simplified, refreshed interface

Time is money. That’s why we made it easier than ever to store and share clips in Clips 2.0. Now sharing a clip only takes one click, and the new  interface provides clip data at a glance so you can quickly filter through clips to select the exact footage you are looking for even faster. Download, share, move, or edit a clip all from one single interface. When viewing a clip, the receipt and video appear side-by-side for easy navigation and analysis. Additionally, in Clips 2.0 you can edit a clip’s key data without having to open an additional interface. At the top of the screen, users are now able to download, share, and move clips without opening a new interface.

Improved Clip-Saving Experience

Save a clip from live or recorded video, set your clip’s timeframe and thumbnail, and receive a notification when you clip is ready.

The new clip-saving experience is a streamlined process with a user friendly interface, allowing you to quickly save the specific video segments you care about. Simply select a range of video, add a name and thumbnail image, and watch as your clip quickly saves to the cloud— now with live updates of your clip’s saving and uploading progress. You can even receive an email notification when the upload is complete with a link to the saved clip.

Share Clips via URL with External Shares

View and manage External Shares easily within Clips 2.0.

After viewing your saved clip you may want to share it with recipients outside the Envysion application such as insurance adjusters or law enforcement. You can now share clips externally via password-protected URL link from within Clips 2.0. Easily set the password or expiration date for a link with the expanded options now available in External Shares.

HTML5 Video Player

Kiss the days of video plugins goodbye! No updates or installs required—ever.

We rebuilt our video player from the ground up to support HTML5, providing a high quality video playback that loads faster and is multi-browser compatible. HTML5 provides a standardized way to play video directly in the browser, with no plugins required and no action needed from you. In most cases, the HTML5 player is used by default in our web application, although there is a subsection of browsers and operating systems where the HTML5 player will not be supported. In those unsupported cases, the Envysion plugin or a Flash player will continue to be supported by Envysion.

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