Continued partnership with Envysion fuels some of the lowest loss percentages in the C-store industry.

The company currently owns and operates over 130 stores and employs approximately 1,200 people. To date, they’ve relied on Envysion’s Managed Video solution to successfully review and enhance safety and cash-handling procedures, investigate incidents and complaints, and train managers and employees. But as they gear up to add 10-12 more stores over the next 12 months, the company could double or even triple the number of employees. Working with Envysion gives Au Energy the ability to continue to observe employee behavior across every location and integrate valuable video surveillance into existing point-of-sale systems as the company scales their operations.

With the company’s managers handling from six to 10 stores, and each regional manager overseeing from three to six general managers, they collectively bear the daily responsibility of observing, identifying, and disciplining any breaches in company policy. But even with all managers routinely using the Envysion application, the company understands there could be an uptick in risk, theft, and liability that comes with a larger store footprint.

“When you add more people to an operation, then you increase the chance of any little issue slipping through the cracks,” says Matthew Makarem, Loss Prevention Manager for Au Energy. “That’s why we bumped up our efforts to ensure store procedures are being strictly followed, identify theft and other POS problems quicker, and nip any bad behavior in the bud before it gets much bigger. To do so requires specific in-store processes complemented by an efficient, well-coordinated, behind-the-scenes monitoring system that only Envysion can provide.”

Envysion takes loss and fraud prevention to the next level by enabling a careful study of how store procedures are being followed so that Au Energy leaders can review policies, increase operational efficiency, adequately communicate changes to the field, and make better hiring decisions going forward.

“The internal system we’ve been able to develop with Envysion has helped us notify the appropriate personnel immediately whenever there is a voided transaction, for example, or a cash drawer opened without a sale—something that we’d want to call immediate attention to,” Makarem explains. “As a result, we’ve been able to improve our loss prevention strategies even more, which has not only kept our costs down but greatly benefited our employees and managers by spotlighting exact in-store concerns and telling an accurate story about them.”

It’s this insider’s view into POS issues that has helped keep Au Energy’s quarterly and yearly loss prevention to under 1%, and the company has ambitions to beat that number each year using the insight gained from Envysion.

About Au Energy
Family-owned and operated since 1978, Au Energy currently operates Shell gas stations and over 130 convenience stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, priding themselves on bright stores and dedicated service professionals while selling high-quality fuels.

About Envysion
Envysion® is a leading provider of managed video and loss prevention solutions that enable restaurant and retail operators with instant and actionable insights for increasing profitability 10-15% through broad utilization of powerful video-driven business intelligence. Envysion® has transformed video surveillance into a strategic management tool that provides instant and unfiltered business insights to users across operations, loss prevention, marketing and human resources. Envysion’s award winning platform quickly scales to 1,000s of locations and 10,000s of users without straining the IT department or network. https://envysion.com