Internal vs External Theft

What causes more damage to a retail operation, external (shoplifting/robbery) or internal (employee) theft? By a nearly 3-to-1 margin, retailers say that internal theft is more extensive than external theft at their establishments. Today, let’s take a look at loss … Read More

A busy wireless store with employees and customers.

How To Start Your Own Wireless Retail Business

The last 18 months have shaken up everything familiar and challenged the norm. The traditional workplace has evolved to a hybrid of working from home and the office. Many wondered if their employer would survive another disruption. Some have reassessed … Read More

Communication Between IT and Security in Loss Prevention

Seamless Communication Between IT and Security is Vital in Loss Prevention Successful loss prevention neither starts nor ends solely in one department. You need to create an environment where your IT and security departments can work together seamlessly to reduce … Read More