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With 27 locations and 20 years of experience selling AT&T wireless products and services, AT&T Portables is now the largest AT&T dealer in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area. This success can be attributed—at least in part—to their strong commitment to excellent customer service. But as the company grew, the leadership team was faced with a common dilemma: how could they consistently deliver the same high level of customer experience across so many different stores? How could they gain real-time access to every transaction in order to innovate their approach to employee management and training? And how could they better secure their stores against external and internal threats?

iStock_000048096854SmallManaging the challenges of wireless retail

AT&T Portables was primarily focused on two challenges very common to the wireless retail industry—customer experience and store security. AT&T Portables first and foremost wanted a way to ensure that sales reps were armed with and deploying the right strategies and techniques at every possible opportunity to simultaneously optimize profitability and customer satisfaction. In addition to sales training, security was also a high priority for AT&T Portables. The simple reality is that with up to US$150,000 worth of retail per store at any given time in handsets alone, AT&T Portables must deal with the occasional employee theft issue. And as with any retail store, there is the constant potential for burglaries or armed robberies.

Gaining a real-time window into every store

The first key to accomplishing both objectives was gaining real-time access to the retail environment—without having to physically be on location. The Envysion solution fulfilled that need with high-definition video, crystal-clear audio and full integration with POS data, providing unprecedented real-time visibility into every transaction at every store. The audio, video and data is delivered via the cloud and can be accessed via nearly any internet-enabled device, including tablets, PCs and even mobile phones. According to Attique Rasheed, head of training and operations for AT&T Portables, “We used to pick a store and spend most of our day there…now with the Envysion System we have the ability to be at all of our locations within seconds—and it’s real time.”

Understanding the power of insights-driven exception reporting

The Envysion solution also includes powerful exception reporting tools, enabling managers at AT&T Portables to select certain criteria that lend themselves to identifying a potential issue that would warrant further scrutiny. At the end of the day,footage and POS data can be pulled according to a preset range of criteria, allowing AT&T Portables to refine their focus to the transactions and situations that are most likely to contribute to their management team’s objectives. According to Rasheed, the benefits of this analytics-driven aspect of Envysion have extended beyond just employee behavior. “It helps us maximize every foot of floor space, which is really helpful when it comes to moving accessories and other high-margin items.”

Leveraging Envysion as a coaching and training tool

AT&T Portables uses footage and data captured with Envysion to help store managers understand what’s happening in their stores when they’re not actually there in person. “Moving forward, we’re making sure that our managers are getting this reporting and that they have the ability to access it immediately,” says Rasheed. “Our managers should get the alerts, review the video and make sure that they understand what’s working for them and what’s not working for them.” According to Rasheed, an important part of his role as the lead for training new employees is sharing how Envysion works and communicating an important message. “I explain that we have a comprehensive system that captures every moment, video and audio, so that we can really have a clear view of what’s happening every moment.” According to Rasheed, that message goes a long way towards getting the results they are looking for as an organization.

Measuring the psychological benefits of the Envysion solution

There’s no question that the Envysion solution has had a direct impact on employee behavior. The simple fact that this intelligent video solution is being monitored and used for training purposes has led to improved sales, decreased theft and a more productive, efficient AT&T Portables workforce. Rasheed adds, “It’s made our sales people more aware of their surroundings and they know how important it is to behave in the appropriate manner, to conduct themselves and engage customers in the way they know they should.”