Active Communications

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Active Communication’s Challenge

From small beginnings as a home-based business, Active Communications has grown into a successful retail franchise with locations throughout Colorado. President Anita Denboske built the company on the promise of friendly and knowledgeable staff. As the business grew, she worried that having multiple stores would compromise the intimate visibility and personalized customer experience she offered as a one-store operation. Looking to better understand daily operations, improve sales and marketing, tighten operating procedures and reduce loss, Active Communications reached out to Envysion to provide video-driven business intelligence™.

Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) Solution

Active Communications wanted an easy-to-use video solution with seamless integration to their iQmetrix RQ4 platform. The company was also looking for a provider that offered cross functional value – video would be used to improve the efforts of departments across the company not just for loss prevention and security.

See the resultsSM — Envysion Insight™

Using Envysion Insight, the only video-driven business intelligence™ tool that integrates to RQ4, Active Communications has been able to:

  • Track and visually review key store performance metrics
  • Stack rank average sale per cashier to identify associates in need of sales coaching
  • Audit high risk transactions, such as refunds and discounts, for potential fraud or training issues