Bohme Boutique

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Bohme’s Challenge

After testing cameras in a few stores, Bohme Boutique realized that without POS integration they had no way to quickly identify and review important events in the store. In addition, they still lacked insight into sales, marketing, customer experience and daily store transactions. In search of an easy-to-use solution that would give management visibility to these top line growth drivers, Bohme engaged Envysion.

Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) Solution

Bohme deployed Envysion Insight and Analytics, a video-driven business intelligenceTM and traffic counting solution that integrates with the POS to deliver unprecedented visibility to the store. The MVaaS solution gives Bohme insight into every transaction in every store, so the company can easily evaluate customer demographics, review associates’ sales techniques and compare stores by conversion rate. Bohme also gained powerful exception reports that proactively identify important events and high risk transactions based on their business rules.

See the resultsSM – Envysion Insight

With better insight into sales, marketing and operations, Bohme was able to:

  • Increase average sales and drive overall profit improvement
  • Ensure consistent customer service and experience
  • Increase the efficiency of loss prevention staff