Del Taco

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All of Del Taco’s menu items are made to order to satisfy every appetite, but in late 2008 the same could not be said of the company’s video system. While Del Taco had cameras in its restaurants, video was rarely used because it was difficult to access, the software did not work as designed and there was no integration to the company’s data.


After evaluating new video providers, Del Taco engaged Envysion to provide easy to use video that has the ability to integrated with Del Taco’s point of sale Aloha Restaurant Guard exception reporting tool. This integration can give Del Taco the ability to instantly validate suspicious activity with video. In addition, Del Taco can easily view live and recorded remote video through a simple web interface to gain instant access to multiple locations and enables Del Taco to identify operations and loss prevention issues that erode profitability in the restaurant.

  • Strategically placed high resolution cameras to capture detailed video that can be easily searched or refined to key moments
  • High storage capacity, networked EnVR®, Envysion’s proprietary network digital video recorder
  • POS data integration