Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

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Murdoch’s Challenge

The economy and competitive environment remains challenging. Murdoch’s, like most retailers, faced the ongoing challenge of how to protect and improve profitability at the store-level. With 22 locations dispersed across a wide geographic area, Murdoch’s also faced the additional challenge of store level monitoring and the ensuring consistency for companywide initiatives. With visibility to store operations becoming increasingly important to Murdoch’s efforts to reduce shrink and drive loss prevention, the company turned to Envysion and their innovative Envysion Insight solution.

Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) Solution

Murdoch’s recognized the value of video-driven business intelligence™ and saw that it would enable them to improve decision making and identify opportunities to improve profitability across their organization. By integrating business system data to point of sale (POS) data Envysion Insight drives store-level profit performance.
Envysion’s powerful exception reporting capabilities gives Murdoch’s the instant visibility into every transaction and event, so users can quickly validate exceptions such as suspicious refunds, voids, no sales and reprinted transactions. The Envysion application also provides an unfiltered understanding of customer behavior and the customer experience to inform marketing and merchandising decisions. Envysion’s solution arms Murdroch with unparalleled insight into loss prevention and sales.

See the resultsSM — Envysion Insight™

  • Reduced shrink at register, improved line times and increased average sale
  • Full visibility into every store and actionable exception reporting
  • Significant bottom-line financial results