O&M Restaurant Group

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O&M’s Challenge

After rolling out a traditional DVR system across multiple BURGER KING® restaurants, O&M Group President David Ostrowe quickly realized only a few individuals within the organization actually had access to the system. Even then, employees only utilized the video surveillance as a reactive tool when incidents occurred.

Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) Solution

Wanting a proactive loss prevention tool that would enable broad usage without requiring a significant IT investment, O&M turned to Envysion. By installing Envysion Insight, a MVaaS platform with video POS integration designed to help customers drive loss prevention efforts adding material profitability to their bottom line, Envysion was able to:

  • Jump start organization-wide use of video surveillance through an intuitive web browser interface
  • Provide powerful search capabilities with instant drill down to relevant video and associated transactional data
  • Integrate video with O&M’s POS system to drive loss prevention efforts and increase bottom-line profitability
  • Generate exception-based reports to highlight suspicious trends across stores
  • Alert O&M management of potentially fraudulent transactions such as voids, returns, discounts and coupons
  • Provide the visual context behind each POS transaction

See the resultsSM –  Envysion Insight

  • Double-digit percent increase in profitability after only 60 days of installation due to fewer exception transactions and lower food costs
  • Identification of a suspicious pattern of late night, drive-thru, 100% comp employee meals resulting in employee termination for “sweetheart” deals totaling approximately $50 in free meals per week and correction of POS flaw