Data Package Training Video

Advanced Data Analytics - 0:00
Incident Management - 1:22
Dashboard View - 3:22
Exception Reports - 3:31

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Advanced Data Analytics

  • What you can do: How do your Refunds, Voids After Tender, and Discounts compare to other Chick-fil-A stores? Now you can find out with Advanced Data Analytics! You’ll also receive specific, recommended actions you can take to make an impact on your bottom line!
  • How you get to it: Via email! You will receive a weekly email from Envysion containing the data and recommended actions with links to review high-risk transactions in the app.
  • Learn more: Understanding your Advanced Data Analytics.

Customized Exception Reports

  • What you can do: Customize report filters to capture the specific exceptions that you care about. Receive only the updates you want with customizable report notification settings. When looking through any of those transactions, you can watch the video associated with each receipt side-by-side on your screen as well.
  • How you get to it: Via the web application! Login here and click on the “Intelligence” tab. This feature is not available in the mobile app.
  • Learn more: Here are the learning site links for how to customize reports and how to set notifications for reports.

Incident Management

  • What you can do: Manage and resolve incidents in your store. Easily create and track incidents of employee theft, loss, or operational issues in your stores with Incident Management. Share incidents with team members to ensure timely resolution notes are logged and the correct action is taken.
  • How you get to it: Via the web or mobile applications! Login here and click on the “Incidents” tab from within either the web application or mobile app! There’s even more information on our learning site
  • Learn More: Here are the learning site links for how to create incidents from reports and how to resolve user-created incidents.

Dashboard View

  • What you can do: Monitor trends with Dashboard View. Quickly gauge the health of your business right away with the homepage dashboard view. Summaries of discounts, refunds, sales, and voids across your restaurants are displayed via interactive graphs you can click into.
  • How you get to it: Via the web application! Login here and click on the Dashboard tab. This feature is not available in the mobile app.


For more info on how to make the most of these new features, email with any questions or sign up to attend one of our live weekly training dates!