White Papers

PDF The New Best Practice in Reducing Employee Theft at QSRs

The reality is, employee theft is happening everywhere. In fact, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace at least once—and that most will do so repeatedly. Find out what savvy QSR operators and leaders are now doing to minimize employee theft at their restaurants (and save a lot of time, money, and headaches in the process).

PDF Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) for Large Enterprises

In the security industry, Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) has been generating plenty of media buzz as an innovative new video surveillance solution. By bringing a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to the video surveillance market, MVaaS promises increased scalability, reduced start-up costs and simplified deployment. Published February 10, 2012.

Case Studies

PDF Successful Bagel Maker Improves Customer Experience Through Remote Access

Envysion provides Einstein Noah Restaurant Group with data-driven video intelligence into every transaction.

PDF Chipotle Seeks Increased Visibility Into Every Aspect of Operations

Envysion helps Chipotle increase profits, streamline operations and optimize the customer experience.

PDF KFC Operator Uses Video-Driven Business Intelligence to Create a Culture of Accountability

Envysion contributes to hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for D-Carr Investments in just six months.

PDF El Pollo Loco

Envysion helps El Pollo Loco reduce theft, mitigate fraud and increase profits.

PDF Del Taco

Del Taco improves loss prevention, operations and profitability.

PDF Boddie-Noell

Boddie-Noell Improves Loss Prevention, Operations and Profitability.

PDF Garden Fresh

Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. Achieves Average Gross Profit Increase of $920 Per Site, Per Month.

PDF Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen Realizes Operational Efficiencies with Envysion Insight

PDF By the Rockies, LLC

By the Rockies, LLC, a Franchisee of Carl's Jr.®, Hardee's®, Increases Average Monthly Profit.


Hardee’s® Franchisee, OTAC Inc., Employs Envysion Insight to Curtail Fraud and Increase Store-Level Profitability

PDF O&M Restaurant Group

BURGER KING® Franchisee, O&M Restaurant Group, Sees Double-Digit Percent Profitability Increase after 60 Days with Envysion Insight

PDF Qdoba Mexican Grill

Qdoba Mexican Grill® Drives Profit Improvement with Envysion Insight


View Flexible Data Integration - Access Control

See how Envysion's powerful reporting enables a security professional to use the off hours badge access report to see who has entered the building outside of normal operating hours.

View Envysion Customers See the Results

Envysion's customers share the results they've seen utlizing MVaaS!

View Envysion's Ad Hoc Motion Search

Envysion's motion search capability allows you to quickly find video when motion is detected in the area you specify.

View Envysion's Exception Reporting and Alerting

Envysion's application quickly and easily addresses complex reporting.

View Envysion's Powerful Search Capabilities

Learn about the powerful ways in which you can search for video using the Envysion application.

View Envysion's Secure Collaborative Clip Sharing

Envyion's application enables you to save a video clip and share it with members of your team.

View Envysion's Centralized Administration

Envysion's centralized administration makes user and system management a breeze.

View Envysion's Scalable Enterprise Video

Envysion's powerful MVaaS application scales to meet the needs of any business.

View What makes Envysion different from traditional video surveillance providers?

Matt Steinfort, Envysion's CEO, discusses how Envysion's unique approach to video increases our customer's ROI by orders of magnitude.

View MVaaS for Restaurant Marketing

See how Envysion helped one restaurant determine the success of a new menu item.

View Why is Envysion well suited for multi-unit operators?

Envysion's CEO, Matt Steinfort, talks about how MVaaS addresses the challenges facing today's multi-unit operator.

View How does Envysion Video affect a store's bandwidth?

Robert Hagens, CTO of Envysion, talks about the affect of MVaaS on a site's bandwidth.

View What's the IT implication of selecting Envysion Video?

Envysion's CTO, Robert Hagens, discusses the technical implications of implementing Envysion.

View What are the IT implications of using Envysion Video on a regular basis?

Robert Hagens, Envysion's CTO, explains the IT implications of using Envysion's MVaaS.

View How does Envysion's exception reporting solution compare to other solutions in the marketplace?

Envysion's CEO, Matt Steinfort, explains Envysion's approach to exception reporting.

View Why do companies choose Envysion over traditional video surveillance providers?

Matt Steinfort, Envysion's CEO, explains why some of the most notable names in the retail, restaurant, cinema industries have choosen Envysion.

View What are the keys to maximizing the value of video?

Matt Steinfort, CEO of Envysion, talks about how companies can maximize the value of their existing video investments.

View What applications are there for MVaaS beyond the traditional security and LP uses?

Matt Steinfort, Envysion's CEO, talks about using MVaaS in every department within the organization.

View How does Managed Video as a Service actually impact a customer's operations and profitability?

Envysion's CEO, Matt Steinfort, discusses how Envysion drives improvement for customers.

View Who should use Managed Video as a Service?

Matt Steinfort, CEO of Envysion, discusses who can benefit from using MVaaS.

View Envysion increases loss prevention efficiency and results

David Gorman, Former VP of LP for Wal-Mart, explains how Envysion improves loss prevention efforts and results.

View Envysion fosters a company-wide awareness of loss prevention

David Gorman, Former VP of LP for Wal-Mart, discusses how Envysion's MVaaS highlights loss prevention efforts and results within the company.

View Envysion delivers material impact across the organization

David Gorman, Former VP at Wal-Mart, describes how Envysion's MVaaS delivers results throughout the organization.

View What impact is Envysion having on its customers' business performance?

Envysion's CEO, Matt Steinfort, explains how Envysion customers are improving their profitability by 10 to 15 percentage points.

View What is Managed Video as a Service?

Envysion's CEO, Matt Steinfort explains MVaaS.

View MVaaS for Restaurant Operators

See how Envysion helped one restaurant identify policy violations that were negatively impacting profit.

View MVaaS for Restaurant Loss Prevention

See how Envysion helped one restaurant identify costly employee meal abuse.


View Cross Functional Use of Video for Restaurant : Qdoba Case Study

See how Qdoba expanded video usage beyond security and loss prevention to impact departments across the organization.

View Top Tips for Loss Prevention in the Restaurant Industry

Learn how restaurant operators maximize profitability with every transaction, gain detailed insight into store operations and improve loss prevention efficiency with video.

View Top 5 Tips for Loss Prevention in the Restaurant Industry

Loss prevention expert Mike Davis shares his tips for restaurant loss prevention.


View Become an Exception Reporting Hero

A guide to take your exception reports to the next level

View Restaurant Cross Functional Playbook

Learn how restaurant operators can leverage video cross functionally to gain actionable insight into all aspects of daily restaurant operations and rapidly make improvements to increase profitability.

View Restaurant Operations Playbook

Learn how to leverage your existing video surveillance investment to make your restaurant operations more efficient and consistently execute on your brand promise.

View Webinar Slides: Drive Sales and Marketing Success with Video Analytics

Learn how best-in-class retailers are leveraging video-driven business intelligenceTM to gain a better understanding into traffic and conversion data.

View Managed Video as a Service Request for Proposal

Choosing the right managed video surveillance solution isn’t easy. This RFP tool will arm you with areas to push on and will help you differentiate the field and highlight the solution providers that will deliver bottom line results with the least possible IT strain.

View Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurant Exception Reports Starter Kit

Leveraging industry best practices and years of experience working with leading restaurant operators, Envysion has developed an Exception Reports Starter Kit.

View Restaurant Loss Prevention Playbook

Learn how to leverage your existing video surveillance investment to make your restaurant locations more efficient and profitable.

View Top 10 Tips For Selecting a Video Provider

Remember these tips when evaluating video providers to make sure you select a provider who will help you drive double-digit profit increases.


PDF The Cross-Functional Impact of MVaaS

Envysion enables customers to increase profitability 10-15% by putting meaningful, but easy to use video and business intelligence into the hands of the entire company.

PDF Helping Customers Increase Profitability 10-15%

Case studies of actual Envysion customers show results of Envysion's MVaaS solution.

Marketing Slicks

PDF Protect and Grow your Business for Restaurants

Wouldn't it be great if you could use video integrated with your point of sale date to protect and grow your business?

PDF Envysion Mobile

Stay connected to your stores 24/7

PDF Envysion Return on Investment

Envysion delivers proven and repeatable impact.

PDF Envysion Overview for Restaurants

Envysion delivers demonstrated 10-15% profitability improvements.

PDF Envysion Pro Solutions Description

Envysion Video Pro enables multi-unit operators to easily leverage remote video to better understand their business and improve loss prevention, operations, risk management and security efforts.

PDF Envysion Insight Product Description

Envysion’s Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) enables multi-unit operators to easily leverage remote video to better understand their business and improve profitability 10-15%.