Using Video Driven BI across Retail Functions

RSO-Banner_032312This three part series from Retail Solutions Online explores how leading retailers are utilizing video-driven business intelligenceTM across departments to optimize every aspect of the store for the strongest return.

Part 1: Leveraging Video Driven Business Intelligence TM to Gain Competitive Advantage

Read to see how best-in-class retailers are utilizing video as a strategic management tool throughout the organization to gain better insight into store operations and capitalize on the customer experience as a competitive advantage.

Part 2: How to Maximize Top Line Sales Growth Using Video Driven BI

Learn the tactical steps leading retailers are taking to improve the marketing, merchandising and customer service aspects of the in store experience and how these efforts translate to increased basket size, higher sales and more repeat customers.

Part 3: The Top 8 Tactics to Stop Loss and Protect Profitability

Leading retailers use these 8 tactics improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their loss prevention, risk management and operations teams and how these efforts translate to significant profit impact.