Wireless communications retailer improves in-store operations to maintain top sales performance

SUPERIOR, CO — January 8, 2019

Maycom, authorized retailer of Sprint products and services, announces they are partnering with Envysion to boost loss prevention efforts and reduce liability by tracking the safe handling of devices and curbing any claims of mishandled merchandise — a common issue in the world of wireless communications retail.

Currently operating 52 stores across three states, Maycom’s expansion to date since opening their first store in Florida hasn’t affected their reputation as a leader in sales and upgrades. But to ensure continued success and growth, the company wanted to identify and monitor areas in-store where the potential of theft, fraud, and merchandise damage could occur by adopting a more modern video surveillance system. Envysion’s Managed Video solution gives Maycom the solid video proof it needs to accurately capture cases of employee and customer theft, investigate fraudulent claims and practices, and follow merchandise from shipping to receiving.

For Maycom’s front-of-the-store reps who must follow certain procedures for device purchases and returns, plan set-ups, and special promotions, there are any number of opportunities to miss an important step, steal cash or credit card numbers, wrongly set up an account, or worse.

“Sometimes not everything is an obvious case of theft. But we wouldn’t have necessarily known that before using Envysion’s solution,” explains Richie Stabile, Operations and Loss Prevention Manager. “Now, I can review footage of behavior that looks suspicious on the surface and be able to tell that the employee is just new and making some mistakes, for example. The insight we get with Envysion means we don’t have to make incorrect assumptions that end up hurting our employees or the business.”

Back-of-the-store operations can be equally risky. Making sure devices change hands safely — whether it’s a brand-new shipment or a phone being returned — is critical to being able to win an appeal if a claim of damage is made.

Before Envysion, going through hours of footage to find one specific issue or track an item took way too much time and energy.

Richie StabileOperations and Loss Prevention Manager

“Envysion offers much higher-quality cameras than our old analog ones. So, we use the Envysion camera to get a really clear zoom of a phone we need to return — showing the condition, highlighting the serial number, and tracking the entire packaging process up to putting the label on the box,” Stabile says. “If someone comes back and says there’s a problem with the phone, we can simply pull up the video footage to show the damage wasn’t on our end. Each time this has been an issue, we’ve won the appeal and gotten our money back.”

Envysion’s cloud-based platform and high-definition cameras give Stabile and his team of district and floor managers the ability to access quality footage in real-time at any location, day or night, from any Internet-connected device. Stabile can save and share time-stamped video clips of device conditions, shipping, and receiving whenever there is a dispute about how merchandise was handled. And he can also watch each point-of-sale (POS) transaction and customer or employee interaction to identify suspicious behavior and accurately investigate and resolve any incidents. An added bonus is that good behavior can also be pointed out and rewarded, with video standing in as a valuable training tool for all employees across all stores.

“Before Envysion, going through hours of footage to find one specific issue or track an item took way too much time and energy,” says Stabile. “But with Envysion’s motion search feature, I can now follow a shipment all the way from delivery on the dock to storage in the safe, or I can easily follow a person, item, or cash around. Narrowing down a wealth of footage to just a few minutes keeps us efficient, allows us to quickly address problems, and helps us take note of exemplary employee behavior — all which keep our business performing at a high level.”

About Maycom

In 1997, Maycom Communications pioneered their first independently owned wireless communications store in Florida, providing a strong backbone for a robust and growing business solutions sales organization. Maycom consistently scored among the top performing dealers throughout the early years of the business and began broadening their retail footprint in east central Florida. More recent acquisitions have expanded their footprint to be one of the most dominant retailers in the states of Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

About Envysion

Envysion® is a leading provider of managed video and loss prevention solutions that enable restaurant and retail operators with instant and actionable insights for increasing profitability 10-15% through broad utilization of powerful video-driven business intelligence. Envysion® has transformed video surveillance into a strategic management tool that provides instant and unfiltered business insights to users across operations, loss prevention, marketing and human resources. Envysion’s award winning platform quickly scales to thousands of locations and tens of thousands of users without straining the IT department or network. https://envysion.com