Next Star Communications Ramps Up Sales Productivity and Loss Prevention with Envysion

Leading authorized Sprint retailer uses Envysion’s Wireless Retail Solution Suite to root out fraud, increase store foot traffic, and boost sales conversions


Sprint retailer Next Star Communications has announced its adoption of Envysion Wireless Retail Solution to bolster loss prevention initiatives and address sales efficiency challenges across the organization.

The company currently owns and operates 33 stores in the greater Atlanta area and is among the nation’s leading Sprint retailers by sales volume and customer satisfaction each year. Leveraging Envysion’s cloud-based platform for easy and reliable access to audio, video, and fraud reports provides company executives unprecedented visibility across the organization to minimize loss and maximize productivity.

The addition of Envysion’s new Scorecard feature gives company leaders yet another data point for optimizing operations and boosting profitability. The tool enables store managers to evaluate transactions on-demand or in real-time to highlight instances where the sales experience fell short of expectations — whether it’s selling phone accessories, failing to offer phone insurance, or another aspect that may be dragging sales down — and to offer additional coaching.

“Envysion is a comprehensive platform for gaining visibility and control over every aspect of our in-store operation that we’ve never had before,” says Dustin Altom, Next Star Communications’ Director of Operations. “The various tools and features and support from the Envysion team gives us deeper, near real-time insight into individual store performance so we can root out fraud and abuse while also focusing on addressing specific challenges around foot traffic and conversion rates to get all of our stores performing at peak levels.”


About Next Star Communications 
Next Star Communications, Inc. is a Sprint Authorized Retailer and Authorized Business Representative. Next Star has been the number one Sprint-authorized retailer 23 out of the last 27 months, serving Georgia and surrounding areas with a commitment to providing superior customer service in all of its 29 Atlanta area locations. https://dealer.sprint.com/next-star-communications/

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