Protecting Your C-Store With Envysion

Protecting your c-store's business, brand, people, and profit has never been so easy with all your video in one place.

Convenience store operators are maximizing the investment they made in their current surveillance cameras and turning them into an easy-to-use loss prevention tool. Integrating them with POS systems allows for a view into recorded video verification on every transaction.

Multi-location operators require visibility into their stores as well as their data in order to identify issues that impact their bottom line and mitigate risk. Envysion, a Motorola Solutions Company offers a managed video solution that ties POS keystroke data to the corresponding video offering clear action items to manage a profitable business. Plus a dashboard showing whether cameras and other hardware are offline so they have confidence in their equipment.

C-Stores benefit by using Envysion’s software to:

  • Review exception reports with video verification
  • Resolve credit card fraud
  • Investigate incidents in high liability areas
  • Ensure the safety of employees
  • Focus on company growth and convenience

For more information, read the full article on CStore Decisions magazine.