System Health: News Release

System Health offers a singular view of the health of your critical video and LP infrastructure and helps you detect, verify and respond quickly to offline cameras, point-of-sale, and EnVR’s relieving any unnecessary downtime.

News Release, August 30, 2022

Envysion’s cloud-based video management software now supports System Health reports and provides a simple and hassle-free way of maintaining your devices and integrations at peak performance. Easy access to view system failures offers quick resolution and lower downtime costs. Empower your System Administrator with greater visibility to offline devices and reduce the number of calls made to support teams.

One of the most challenging parts of the day-to-day operations for IT administrators, district managers, and business owners is constantly checking if internal processes and systems are working to their full potential. To have greater control over their equipment, they need to intermittently review the status of their equipment, integrations, and network, determine the next steps, and then take action quickly within the app and minimize their reliance on support. 

 How does one go about streamlining operations and bringing efficiency? 

Enysion’s System Health is a simple, user-friendly feature that enables employees to review the status of their systems and track the number of offline/online appliances, cameras, network upload speeds, and point-of-sale (pos) systems. As a result, employees will achieve a faster resolution to any system failures, by quickly knowing which systems need action, reducing the time stores are offline or impaired. 

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