Released: Drive-Thru Insights Report

Drive-Thru Insights Report offers actionable data and insights to maximize drive-thru sales for quick service and fast casual restaurants. The reports can be used as an operational tool to increase revenue, reduce internal theft, and validate timing for third-party delivery services.

News Release, April 27, 2022 –

Envysion’s cloud-based video management software now supports drive-thru timing system data and provides actionable insights via Envysion Reports to improve drive-thru performance and customer experience. The Drive-Thru Insights Report enables quick-service restaurants (QSR) and fast-casual restaurants to easily identify bottlenecks in the vehicle flow, detect potential internal theft, and ultimately maximize drive-thru sales.

Drive-thrus now generate the majority of QSR revenue stream with speed of service being one of the dominant revenue drivers. The tabular and sortable report makes it easy to identify the restaurants that consistently struggle to keep up with the speed of service expectations and to review notable vehicles that have caused challenges for the team. The Drive-Thru Insights Report features a multi-camera playback of each vehicle journey, which allows report users to see what is happening inside the restaurant as guest vehicles arrive and diagnose operational issues impacting the speed of service. Improving the drive-thru throughput and eliminating bottlenecks mean thousands of extra dollars to the bottom line as more cars are served during each meal rush hour.

Drive-thrus are inherently vulnerable to internal theft as employees are separated from customers by a wall, making it easier for theft to occur. There is also an additional risk of theft at drive-thru locations where food is prepared ahead of time because cashiers can easily pack orders without ringing transactions into the point-of-sale system. By tying back to point-of-sale transactions, the Drive-Thru Insights Report correlates vehicles and their orders, and thus mitigates the risk of under-ringing, one of the most common methods for an employee to steal at the drive-thru.

The Drive-Thru Insights Report also provides valuable insights about peak hours and staff allocation, helping restaurant managers to adjust their staffing plans. Trainers can also utilize this report to share best practices with drive-thru employees as well as call out excellence to motivate the team. The Drive-Thru Insights Report was designed with team collaboration in mind. All video clips can be easily saved, downloaded and shared between management, loss prevention or training.


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