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Stop Theft in its Tracks

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We Follow the Money

First in Automated Theft Detection at the Drive-Thru

Algorithm-Driven Software

Our algorithm-embedded, proprietary software analyzes every transaction to find suspicious activity. It's like handing you a glass of water out of a Niagara Falls of data.

Like None Other

We’ve been tested in side-by-side comparisons with other services that claim to catch theft. Our customers tell us, "Next Wave catches theft the others can't."

Return on Investment

In as little as two months our customers are adding 2 percent of recovered revenue to their top-line sales. On average, that's $2,000 a month.

Fired Proof

You will fire thieves. And you'll have all the proof you need at the unemployment hearing. Our "Caught-in-the-act" case files include YouTube-like video clip evidence.

Easy Installation

Most of our customers install our theft detection system themselves in conjunction with our on-call support team. But we also offer professional installation.

Surveillance Too

Old school surveillance systems are necessary... but they don't make money. For our customers who want Next Wave with a companion surveillance system, we do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internal theft is responsible for 75% of inventory shortages, according to the National Restaurant Association. The same study showed quick serve restaurants lose up to 7% of sales to employee theft. And a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study reported 75% of all employees will steal from their employer once. Half will steal repeatedly.
When we do our Revenue Recovery Analysis for a quick serve restaurant operator, we look at food and paper costs compared to ideal, industry-wide numbers, and geo-targeted information. Anything more than half a point difference suggests you have theft occurring in your restaurants.
Say an employee puts $50 in her pocket each shift. Working five days a week, that’s $1,000 a month of your sales. How much did you spend on the food she stole? At ideal it’s about 30%, or $300. So her theft bumps your food and paper costs up .3%. Your gap is probably much bigger than that. Get the idea? If you stop theft, you make money.
Theft Spot, powered by patent-pending Next Wave technology, puts stolen inventory back on your shelf and adds revenue to your bottom line. With our algorithm-driven technology, we look at every single transaction—even those without receipts—to identify, review, and verify suspicious events. Through our easy-to-use management reports we arm you with the evidence you need to counsel or terminate problem employees.
Theft Spot is a theft detection system. We follow the money, helping you stop theft and add recovered revenue to your top-line sales. A surveillance system comes in handy if you have a break in or someone makes a claim against you because of a safety concern or accident.
The Next Wave technology integrates video surveillance, point of sale information, and speed of service systems along with a first-of-its-kind proprietary software complete with algorithms that actually teaches itself to find suspicious activity. You use the reports we provide to identify employees who need to be counseled or terminated.
Our 'big data' approach to transaction analysis sorts through thousands of hours of video and millions of data points each day to identify suspicious transactions. Our Daily Algorithm Results serve up short video clips with transactional information. Looking at the flagged events can take as little as 20 minutes per day per restaurant.
For multi-site installations, our Theft-Review Service reduces your time spent viewing the suspicious events and provides system-wide analysis of theft events that have been reviewed by a theft detection specialist and verified by one of our analysts. All you have to do is counsel or terminate your employees.
We’ve got plenty of imitators who will tell you they can do everything the Next Wave technology can. But our customers tell us a different story. And many have run our system side-by-side with their legacy surveillance system and/or P.O.S. providers making such claims. What we’re told is “Next Wave finds theft no one else can.”
Most of our customers install our Theft Spot system themselves in conjunction with our on-call support team. But we also offer professional installation for your convenience.
Old school surveillance systems are necessary…but they don’t make you money. So for our customers who want to install Theft Spot with a companion surveillance system, we’ll do it. But we’re just as happy to work alongside your existing system.
Across all of our customers, we’ve seen reductions in food and paper costs ranging from 0.5 percent to over 2.0 percent. Our average nationwide is 0.7 percent.
Using the lowest number (0.5 percent) on the range of projected savings, a typical restaurant grossing $1,200,000 a year is very likely to see more than $18,000 in recovered revenue a year. Using our national average of 0.7 percent, the projected annual savings is $25,200.
For a typical lease payment option, Theft Spot costs $250 a month on a three-year service agreement. Other forms of payment may require a $900 on-board fee. On average we save our customers .7% in food and paper costs. Our costs come out to about .1% at a typical restaurant.

Stop Theft in its Tracks

About Envysion Next Wave

We're a technology company with roots in the security industry, solving complex problems through integrated systems and video analysis.

Go figure. At our tender age of three, we’ve become an industry leader in theft detection.

It started when seasoned security businessman Ken Trovato and twenty-something technology whiz Scott Hieronymus failed to interest a local fast food operator in a security system.

Out of that failed sales call came the discovery of a growing problem in the quick serve restaurant industry that had yet to be solved. With an increasing percentage of business coming through the drive-thru window, internal theft was on the rise — gobbling up food and paper costs and driving down top-line sales.

Out of months of inventive discussions and countless late nights of programming, an initial proto-type was born. With early adopters in the Burger King system eager to test out the new invention, improvements continued to be made. Today, the patent-pending technology is at work in hundreds of quick serve restaurants across the country recovering millions in sales revenue.

Originally known simply as the Next Wave Theft Detection System, the product is now marketed as Theft Spot powered by Next Wave.

Note: The late Bill Harloe was one of the early adopters in the Burger King concept that helped us pioneer this technology. A video of Bill’s testimonial remains on our site as a tribute to him.

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