For Quicker Incident Verification

Improving Business Intelligence and Loss Prevention with Video

Envysion and OneDataSource, two technology leaders in the QSR industry, have teamed up to unveil a powerful, integrated loss prevention solution that saves time and maximizes efficiency for operators.

See the Full Picture

Don’t rely on either video or transaction data alone to uncover loss— use both to make your investigation airtight.

Save Time

Forget sifting through stacks of exception reports and focus on those few events that truly impact your bottom line.

Save Money

Save time, money, and resources by utilizing our team of professionally-trained auditors.

The Eyes Behind Your Data

Don’t rely on either video or transaction data alone to uncover loss—use both to make your investigations airtight. With OneDataSource’s multi-brand, customized business intelligence reports and process automation suite paired with Envysion’s powerful and reliable managed video solution, KFC operators can arrive at firm conclusions and take immediate action to reduce loss because video and transaction data are displayed side-by-side.

Here's how it works:

Powerful solutions alone, even better together

Managed Video Solution

  • Video recording system
  • Video platform with deskopt & mobile apps
  • Managed video services
  • Loss prevention audits

Business Intelligence & Process Automation Solution

  • Multi-brand, customized business intelligence reports
  • Business process automation


  • Video and transaction data side-by-side
  • Incident tracking workflow
  • Ability to view insights and trends
  • Customizable reports

ZAK Family Foods LLC uses Envysion to create a Culture of Excellence.

See how Envysion is helping restaurant leaders reduce loss and boost the bottom line with integrated managed video + loss prevention solutions.

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