Remote temperature monitoring and alert system combines high-powered data tracking with video surveillance to protect against product loss and improve food safety.

Parapet Studios today announced the release of Temp°, a new cloud-based solution that monitors refrigerator, freezer, and under-counter coolers via long-range wireless thermometers at the Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees Prime Time convention in Anaheim, California.

Temp° provides restaurant owners and operators a proactive way to monitor refrigeration equipment remotely from a quick-look dashboard on any device, track thermostats and timers, and receive alerts to possible equipment malfunctions or adjustments that need to be made.

The new system integrates with Envysion’s Managed Video Solution to enhance loss prevention and safeguard against equipment failures by giving operators the critical ability to verify alerts immediately. By clicking on video links inside the solution, users can see the cause of the temperature incident, whether it be a door left open or a device broken-so that the problem can quickly be resolved.

Combining the tool’s data tracking, reporting, and alerting features with Envysion’s real-time video verification enables restaurant operators to minimize downtime and product loss, avoid failed inspections, enforce best practices, and improve food safety.

“Food safety and product loss prevention continue to top the list of priorities with restaurant owners and operators,” says Kevin Milner, Director of Audit Programs at Envysion. “Envysion’s video solution helps our mutual clients protect their operational investments as well as the health of their patrons. This kind of partnership is crucial in spearheading innovative new ways to improve loss prevention and operations in the foodservice industry.”

Temp° is a game-changer in the foodservice industry because it solves one of the most critical challenges in the business: keeping products fresh and safe. With Temp°, it's easier than ever because operators receive alerts well before they have a crisis and can take immediate action. We've just begun rolling this out and have already seen real customer success stories.

Jeff NorthParapet CEO

In addition to food safety and freshness, Temp° can also be used to monitor lobby temperatures and other public areas for an optimal customer experience. Interested parties can learn about Temp° at the annual AKFCF Convention held in Anaheim, CA from February 21-24, 2018.

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