Kinettix + Envysion Partnership

Kinettix provides IT installation and break/fix services in over 120 countries worldwide. As Envysion’s partner, Kinettix offers a large footprint of reliable field technicians. The technicians are highly trained with extensive knowledge of the Envysion software connections to your POS and video equipment.

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Why Choose Kinettix?

Rapid Response

Kinettix can deploy techs onsite to address your problem within 4 hours. No matter what the issue, Kinettix will minimize downtime and ensure your Envysion system is delivering maximum performance.

Complete Transparency

Kinettix provides you with all the information surrounding your IT Field Service event. You’ll receive contact information of the tech who performed the work, arrival check-in, any obstacles to performing the assigned tasks, check-out times, photos detailing their work, and a complete breakdown of the pricing of the project.

Single Source for IT Field Service Needs

With a large number of techs available, Kinettix sends the appropriately skilled technician based on your specific issue. They are a single, reliable partner for fulfilling all your IT Field Service needs.

Global Coverage

Kinettix provides services in all 50 states and over 120 countries around the world.
Where ever you need IT Field services, Kinettix delivers local techs to help.

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