Revel Systems + Envysion Integration

Revel Systems® is the leading cloud-native platform and point of sale (POS) for restaurants. Through direct integration with Revel, Envysion’s managed video software marries data from Revel’s platform with recorded video to provide powerful context on one screen.
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Why Choose Revel Systems?

Native Cloud Infrastructure

Revel Systems was the first point of sale platform to offer a native cloud solution to merchants in need of a modern transaction solution and business management resource. Since 2010, we’ve been improving and refining our offering based on valuable client feedback, and are the most mature cloud platform on the market today. Manage your business from anywhere, at any time, and enjoy regular, seamless version updates and enhancements to your platform.

Open API for the Business You Want

At Revel we understand no two businesses are alike, which is why an open API is central to our platform. Merchants can leverage our developer portal to create custom integrations in order to make their business vision a reality.

The “People POS”

While Revel is a SaaS company, we are nothing without the people who make our platform and services possible. We take a people-centric approach to all of our engagements and business decisions, and offer industry-leading, 24/7/365 support for clients in need of assistance. At Revel we provide technology with heart, and are honored to offer a solution that lies at the heart of your business.

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