Envysion products transform traditional video surveillance footage into searchable information that can be quickly and easily accessed and distributed across your entire organization to enable business decisions for loss prevention, operations, marketing, sales, and the overall customer experience. Envysion clients are realizing double-digit profit increases, with greater sales, improved operations and reduced loss. Envysion’s easy-to-use, cloud-based platform includes a powerful lineup of streaming video, business intelligence, analytics products, auditing services and advanced supporting equipment. Envysion products easily connect with your critical business data systems — such as point of sale systems — leverage your existing investments in camera infrastructure, and minimize the impact on your IT organization.

Envysion Video :: Award-winning innovation in cloud-based Managed-Video-as-a-Service

Envysion Video redefines video surveillance, enabling multi-unit businesses like yours to easily leverage remote video to better understand your business.

Envysion Insight :: Powerful video-driven business intelligence with game film video brings your data to life

Envysion Insight marries Envysion Video with your business data to create an even deeper level of insight into your business that drives unprecedented improvements and takes your profitability to new heights.

Envysion Analytics :: Automatically and continuously drive measurement and answers from video

Envysion Analytics is a suite of powerful video algorithms that continuously and automatically drive measurement and intelligence from your everyday video.

Envysion Audit Services :: Business answers delivered conveniently and affordably

Envysion Audit Services combine managed video with trained analysts to optimize all the benefits of the Envysion platform while minimizing the impact on your staff.