Envysion Video is our award-winning video management platform that combines innovative, patented streaming live and recorded video with bandwidth throttling technology in a highly accessible SaaS- and web-based application. Envysion Video supports both analog and IP cameras, so you can utilize your existing investments in cameras or we’ll provide you with the latest and greatest. Our architecture is a Linux environment, which means it’s highly secure, reliable and easy to administer remotely. You can also enable audio on Envysion Video, so you get the entire picture — and sound. And with multiple Terabyte drives inside our EnVRs (DVRs), you’ll have your valuable Game Film when you need it along with the ability to store any Game Film you’d like indefinitely in the cloud. Envysion Video is full of many great features, including…

Secure, Collaborative Game Film Sharing & Cloud Storage

Burning video to DVDs is a thing of the past. Create user groups and share Game Film clips instantly and securely with other users across your organization. Tag Game Film clips with meta data so they are organized and easily searchable. Create investigations and analysis projects with folders and notations. Combining web-based accessibility with Game Film sharing makes for a powerful mix. And, cloud-based storage options mean you’ll never lose your valuable Game Film.

Scalable SaaS-based Enterprise Video

Envysion eliminates the burden of costly and time-consuming software upgrades to client software systems and DVRs so that initial and on-going IT costs are dramatically reduced. A SaaS-based architecture means we are always improving our systems — giving you a continuous stream of new and valuable features to improve your business insights.

Centralized Administration & Access Control

Envysion supports the same location and store grouping you use every day, including multi-level hierarchies. Centrally manage who can access which locations and video and what they can do within one simple and easy-to-use interface.

Support for Analog and IP Cameras, Existing or New

Envysion EnVRs support both analog and IP cameras from a broad array of manufacturers. And, we’ll work with your existing cameras as well, saving you time and money with installations and existing investments. However, if you want the latest cutting edge in high-definition IP cameras, Envysion has you covered with advanced EnVRs designed to make the most of IP camera technologies.

Advanced Motion-based Recording & Cloud Storage

Recording and streaming live and recorded video is a disk-intensive proposition, no matter how you approach it. Envysion has solved this with both significant, multi-Terabyte internal storage options and indefinite storage in the cloud. Additionally, Envysion’s advanced motion-based recording feature means you can configure any camera to record video only when motion is present, giving you even more storage and retention options.

Intelligent Bandwidth Throttling and Patented Streaming Technology

In addition to being disk-intensive, streaming live and recorded video across the Internet to a browser or smartphone using the upstream channel of a broadband Internet connection is a monumental technical challenge, to say the least. And it’s one that Envysion was first to solve with award-winning, industry-recognized patented video streaming intelligence that never puts your other mission-critical data systems at risk. Envysion Video constantly monitors and adjusts, in real-time, it’s use of your upstream bandwidth. You’ll never have to worry about credit card data or other data systems getting through on time.

Multi-up Views, Digital Zoom and PVMs

Envysion Video offers a wide variety of standard video monitoring systems including digital zoom, public view monitors and the ability to view multiple live or recorded camera views at the same time. Envysion Video has you covered with these traditional features and layers on a whole new world of advanced video management features for the same investment.

Multi-Channel Audio Support

In some cases, video is only half the picture. Adding audio to your video and Game Film opens up additional opportunities and a whole new world of insight into your marketing, operations and other business management activities. Envysion clients add audio so that they can see and hear the interaction between customers and employees or yesterday’s great sale. Seeing may be believing, but hearing adds a powerful additional layer of context and accuracy.

Ad Hoc Motion Search

Envysion transforms hours of video footage into searchable, actionable information and eliminates tedious manual searching. In addition to video search by date and time, Envysion’s ad hoc Motion Search capability allows you to quickly find all instances of motion in a specified area in the camera’s view. Easily draw an area of interest and Motion Search does the rest. Watch customers interact with a new merchandise display. Or find all instances of a security door being opened after hours. With Motion Search, the power is in your hands.