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Accepting the Blame: Operational Mistakes Your Restaurant is Making—and How to Fix Them

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

It’s easy to blame the economy, your competitors, and maybe even your employees. However, some of the biggest mistakes restaurants make are often made at the higher manager level. The good news is that these mistakes can be easily corrected with simple behavioral changes that can lead to improved profit margins—and ultimately, an improved customer experience.  At Envysion, we believe that modern video technology can play a part in helping you identify issues and make those necessary fixes. Let’s take a look at the five most common operational mistakes and the ways in which you can correct them.

The Invisible Owner

Your physical presence in your operations most certainly changes the way your employees act, the cleanliness factor in your stores and the way your customers are treated. But whether you have one store or one thousand, you can’t always be in the store and on floor. Video monitoring can enable you to monitor operations from virtually anywhere and, in the process, help you create a culture of accountability. We’ve seen it in action. Bernie Quintero is the director of operations at D-Carr Investments in Florida and uses video intelligence. “We see things we were never able to see before,” he says. “That changes behavior in all of our restaurants.”

Lack of Metrics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it, as the saying goes. Are enough fries being prepped to complete orders in time? Are there inordinate numbers of cash refunds being made? Are customer wait times too long? It’s a fact: if you don’t measure it, you’ll never change it. It’s how you’ll catch fraud, control inventory and improve employee/customer interaction. Intelligent video, synced to yourPOS system, enables you to drill down to the transaction level, generate reports and alerts,and—in theend—change bad behavior.

Poor Sales Training

If you’ve spent hard-earned marketing dollars creating a promotion and your employees aren’t making the effort to highlight that promotion with the customer, you’re throwing good money away. Video and audio monitoring can help you coach and train employees to ensure that your promotional dollars are spent in the most effective manner. 

The Customer is Always Right

Well, almost always. By monitoring every transaction using intelligent video and audio, you can reduce the risk of false claims and the rare customers who are trying to game the system—even if only for a free meal. However, it can go beyond just a meal when a customer claims injury or mistreatment. Litigation is costly and time-consuming, but you can fight it effectively with modern video technology.

Wasting Away

It’s estimated that we waste 40% of all edible food in America. Poor practices and unsupervised employees can not only waste food, but can waste your money as well. We know of one restaurant owner who removed his dumpster in order to teach employees how much food they were wasting. While restaurant waste is a habit that’s harder to change than your menu, showing your employees how food waste can damage store profitability—not to mention the environment—can actually change behavior. Monitoring employee prep and assembly procedures can provide a valuable lesson for everyone in preventing waste and increasing profitability

While mistakes happen all the time, the real mistake is not fixing them. Intelligent video solutions from Envysion can help you make corrections and move on to innovation, efficiency and profitability.