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KFC Operator: Creating a culture of accountability and increasing profits.

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

“In just six months we’ve added 2% to the bottom line in each of our stores,” said Bernie Quintero, Director of Operations at D-Carr Investments. The combination of video cameras, the Envysion platform, and a new loss prevention department makes a big impact on how the employees and store managers operate in each restaurant.

D-Carr sought out Envysion to address two major business objectives: decrease theft and impact employee behavior at every location. The Envysion system integrates with XBR exception reports and works seamlessly in KFC’s Merit environment—enabling true video intelligence.

“On a Saturday I can easily be at 10 stores without leaving my house,” says Quintero. What used to take a few weeks plus travel expenses can be accomplished in one day with video-driven business intelligence. Quintero strategically places cameras in the kitchen and at the register to monitor both the cooking process and cashier interaction with customers. He listens and watches activity daily. He frequently calls each store and congratulates employees on their performance with gift cards and works with managers to coach and train employees—creating a culture of accountability and significantly impacting profits.

Envysion’s in-store video solution allows D-Carr to review video of each claim and determine with 100% accuracy if something is true or false. The video validates or refutes each claim. “The video has brought the business to a whole different level. We can see things we were never able to see before,” says Quintero. “Our employees know that whatever they do in the store is being recorded and that definitely changed behavior in the restaurant which is a big plus.”

The Envysion system has helped D-Carr reduce employee theft, effectively coach and train employees, and improve the overall customer experience. “The impact you can have is beyond imagination,” says Quintero. “What we pay for Envysion doesn’t come close to what we save.”