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Leading Fast Food Restaurants are Evolving From Mystery Shoppers to Video-Driven Business Intelligence

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

We’re all familiar with the concept of mystery shoppers—it is essentially the process of measuring and recording specific elements of the customer experience through the use of recruited and qualified consumers. These mystery shoppers then report back on the quality of their experience which gives business leaders an unbiased view of how employees are performing.

Mystery shopping is big business. According to mysteryshop.org, it now represents a more than $1.5 billion industry with an estimated 1.5 million people being employed as mystery shoppers in the US alone. But the truth is, there’s a more comprehensive, data-driven and cost-effective way to get a view into your customer experience—video-driven business intelligence.

Using Envysion Insights, a video intelligence system, you gain an always-on view into each of your locations at once. Rather than basing your judgment of employee performance or customer service on only one single experience, you can gather more data over more experiences and have an accurate view into what type of coaching would most benefit your employees.

Envysion solutions go one step further by delivering remote video access combined with POS integration which means your visibility extends beyond the face-to-face interaction between employee and customer and into each individual keystroke entered into the register. This allows you to check for employee error and mitigate employee theft.

The fact that your video intelligence system is “remote” means that you can do all of this from almost anywhere. With Envysion Insights, your data and video is delivered via the cloud to nearly any Internet-enabled device to almost anywhere in the world. In other words, video-driven business intelligence empowers you with remote store management capabilities. Enyvsion allows you to access either real-time video or pre-recorded snippets that are chosen based on set parameters that you determine.

Of course, the biggest advantage that Envysion has over conventional mystery shopping is that it does so much more than just measure singular experiences through the eyes of one individual. Loss prevention, store security, employee coaching, line time analytics, customer demographics—Envysion can deliver all of this and more directly to your eyes, for less than you might imagine.