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Coaching and Training: Diffusing Difficult Customer Experience Situations Remotely

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

From Mad to Glad: Turning an Unhappy Customer Experience into a Brand Advocate

Stuff happens. Mistakes are made. Expectations aren’t met. The result? A legitimately angry customer. But there are also customers who want to take advantage of an innocent employee or commit actual fraud. How do you sort out the real from the perceived? How do you train employees to turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal fan of your brand?

Training and coaching employees to deal with dissatisfied customers begins with visibility into store operations. Video-driven business intelligence solutions from Envysion enable you to remotely review and investigate each incident, determine responsibility and provide feedback. Audio and video of the incident can provide a clear picture of the facts and offer an opportunity to teach employees how to turn the unhappy customer experience into a fan for life.

Your front-line employees are literally the face of your operations. While accomplished, they may not be equipped with the advanced people skills to effectively deal with customer anger and dissatisfaction. Training-by-example, using intelligent audio and video from Envysion, can help them learn to listen to customers, remain calm in volatile situations, and in the end, develop conflict resolution expertise.

While the percentage of customers “gaming the system” is believed to be small, the ability to remotely review audio and video of an incident means that you can make a determination almost immediately, diffuse what could be a difficult situation, and protect your valued employees from fraudulent attacks. Worst case scenario—the audio and video can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Customer Experience

It would be nice if it was possible to run conflict-free operations, and prevent incidents before they happen but we all know that isn’t always possible even with the best employees. Envysion video intelligence solutions enable you to remotely make clear, fact-based decisions and provide real-world examples for training to ensure that you’re providing the service your customers expect and creating happy, loyal advocates for your brand.

Bernie Quintero, director of operations at D-Carr Investments, is able to effectively monitor ten KFC stores without leaving his house. “The video has brought the business to a whole different level. We can see things we were never able to see before,” he says. “Our employees know that whatever they do in the store is being recorded and that definitely changed behavior in the restaurant, which is a big plus.”