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Most Progressive Restaurants in Terms of Loss Prevention

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Which restaurants are embracing loss prevention technologies and how is it leading to success? Let’s examine some real-world examples that are using Envysion technology to help prevent loss and improve the customer experience.

  1. Del Taco. After evaluating several video providers, fast food chain Del Taco engaged Envysion to provide easy to use video that is easily integrated with the chain’s post of sale exception reporting tool. This merge of technologies gives Del Taco the ability to instantly validate suspicious activity via video. Strategically placed high resolution cameras give managers access to live and recorded video through a simple mobile interface that can be searched for key moments related to loss prevention.
  2. El Pollo Loco. This restaurant chain was interested in boosting their video capabilities beyond simple loss prevention and theft deterrence. While El Pollo Loco was originally focused strictly on risk management, loss prevention and threat mitigation, the restaurant business is now exploring other applications to create a better customer experience and boost sales. “Different departments have been doing different audits, testing procedures to optimize processes and using Envysion to measure performance,” says Shaun Jackson, Director of Risk Management for El Pollo Loco. “We are primarily focused on loss prevention today, but we want to embrace it across the whole company—marketing, HR, QA in the kitchen. Our focus is to decrease operational losses and increase profitability, and we see Envysion as a key tool in helping enable us to do that.”
  3. Hardee’s. In 2010, OTAC, a model Hardee’s franchisee with over 20 locations throughout the Northwest was concerned that procedures and policy violations could be leading to loss. In order to test this theory, OTAC upgraded its video surveillance and analytics package to gain insights beyond security and deterrence. Because OTAC integrated Envysion technology in their new surveillance package, the company was able to detect a pattern of employee discounts given at the drive-through window within a month of use, as well as identifying several employees violating cash handling and safety and security procedures.