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Pairing Video with Audit Services

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Having video surveillance in your store is vital. But it can do more than just detect theft. Conducting an audit of surveillance footage can help you uncover operational inefficiencies and more. Too often, video surveillance is primarily seen as a means by which to discourage theft. In fact, a closed circuit video system can be much more than a deterrent. Here are just some of the applications that can be served by implementing a comprehensive, advanced video surveillance system with on-board analytics and Envysion’s auditing capabilities.

  1. Loss Prevention & Inventory Control
    We all know that visible security cameras deter would-be thieves because they know they are being recorded. But by auditing your video surveillance footage on a regular basis, you can also spot patterns of behavior either in advance of a burglary or shoplifting incident or even after one has occurred. The person in a particular set of clothing who shows up a little too often in your surveillance footage could be casing the place. The “friend” who shows up too regularly to chat with one of your employees may, in fact, be working an inside job. The customer whose path through your store is erratic and out of touch with the flow of traffic may be mapping your security system and looking for blind spots. Careful analysis of audited video surveillance on an ongoing basis can help you spot these anomalies.
  2. Performance Monitoring
    You’re only as productive as your employees and it’s challenging to manage business operations whether you are on or offsite. Using business intelligence reports assures that your business is operating at peak efficiency by allowing you to query through your point-of-sale transaction to look for things like fraudulent activities, ensuring proper cash handling procedures and measuring the customer experience.
  3. Identification & Clarification
    The beauty of video surveillance over locks and keycards is that “eye in the sky” ability to have a real time picture of everything that happens at a camera’s location. If an employee loses a keycard before it was used to access an area, auditing that surveillance footage will lend key video evidence as to exactly who used the credential, and when.
  4. Audit Trail 
    An advanced video surveillance system with on-board recording and analytics capabilities makes for a great auditing tool. The footage captured by a video camera at entrances and exits of rooms can serve as an important data trail in the event of a theft, data breach, or customer-involved incident.
  5. Compliance Monitoring 
    Most companies have to meet strict compliance guidelines and one of the ways they can prove they are meeting those thresholds is through video surveillance. Manufacturers use video surveillance during the production process while hotels and restaurants use the systems to ensure that employees are adhering to local regulations.