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Use Video Data from Multiple Locations to See the Big Picture

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Make Your Video Data Scalable Across Locations

If you’re in the market for a video surveillance system for your store, restaurant, or hotel, you’ll want to be sure that the hardware and software can grow when you do. The information that you’ll receive from video data is an invaluable business tool that helps you see what’s going on inside every part of your store, restaurant, cinema, hotel, or other physical location. It all tells a story, and the moral of that story is that there’s always room for further improvement and innovation.

Your video solutions grow with your organization

Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) is a relative newcomer to the security industry, and it’s made video surveillance solutions more attainable than ever. Since the solution is cloud-based, thousands of users across departments can access important data to improve operations and ultimately increase profits. While MVaaS is an excellent option for smaller businesses, it can also easily be scaled up to become an enterprise-level platform to cover hundreds, or thousands, of locations.

You’ll have the same simple operation regardless of how many locations you’re monitoring, and the product will grow with your business to provide support and data for every single location.

Don’t worry about software upgrades

If you’re accessing your video and audio footage via a SaaS product (also known as Software as a Service) you won’t have to bother with system and software upgrades. The company providing the software handles system improvements so you’re always getting valuable new features to improve your business insights.  This reduces your IT costs and saves time.

You can even use your old hardware. Envysion’s products support analog and IP cameras, and you’ll be able to integrate with existing equipment you already have. You’ll save time and money on installation, but if you want to upgrade to a more advanced model you have that option, too.

Easily allow additional people to see what’s happening

You’ll access all of your video and metrics from the web, and that’s also where you’ll take care of account administration. Because everything is handled online it’s a breeze to add new administrators as your organization grows (another example of MVaaS’s excellent scalability.) Each user will have their own unique login credentials, and you can even ensure that users are only able to access information for a specific location. The person with central administrative control can designate which videos a person can view, adding an additional layer of security.

And because the software is centrally managed off-site, all you have to worry about is making the most of the information you receive.

Access your data anywhere, at any time

Since all of your data is stored online on the cloud, you can review video data anytime, anywhere. Since MVaaS is scalable it’s extremely simple to manage the data from thousands of users and thousands of locations… and you don’t even have to watch all of the footage. A solid video surveillance software platform will allow you tosearch by date, time, and even by specific motions. Your video data will give you all of this information, and much more, making it easy to see the story behind the numbers.

New analytics are being developed constantly, too. Do you want to know how many people are entering a particular store location on a particular day, and are you also curious about how many of them buy something? Envysion has a People Counting analytic that does just that, and more analytics are in development.

Use video data to see what’s really happening

The data that you’ll glean from video and audio surveillance is an invaluable business tool that makes it easy to see what’s happening on the ground, even if you can’t be there in person. It’s a useful tool that managers, HR departments, and even employees can use to see what’s happening, what’s working, and what can be changed.