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Using Video Surveillance to Catch the Good, Not Just the Bad

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Using video will allow you to demonstrate to your team what’s working in a particular location, and having access to concrete, real-life situations is an invaluable business tool. Cloud-based video intelligence allows you to easily see, in real-time, important insights into every location. When your team is increasing profits by turning casual visitors into happy customers, you’ll be among the first to know.

Reward excellent sales techniques, and coach employees

Do you manage employees who are excellent at upselling customers? Video footage is one way to see when and (more importantly) how they’re making those extra sales. Use video of good sales techniques to coach other associates and new hires, too – video that is relevant to a particular store is a helpful training tool.

The most useful video surveillance products provide you with a record of every transaction, allowing you to clearly see what’s working, and what isn’t. If you know that a particular employee is doing a fantastic job, rewarding them for their hard work is simple.

Make sure your brand’s promise is being delivered

It’s a question every successful company has to ask themselves: Are we delivering on our brand promise? Knockout brands understand the experience they want to give their customers, and they’re also aware of how they want employees to go about making that brand come to life. Video surveillance tools give managers a birds-eye-view of what’s happening on the ground so they can identify when a store is actively living and promoting their brand.

Gauge how well your team works together

Team efficiency and compatibility is a vital part of running a successful storefront. It can be hard to assess operational excellence, but just because you can’t be there physically doesn’t mean you can’t see what’s working for yourself. Access all of your video footage on the cloud, from nearly every internet-enabled device. You can even listen in on audio.

These on-the-ground insights are absolutely invaluable. For example, you might notice that several of your employees have banded together to form a surprisingly effective team. With that information, you can more effectively utilize the skills and talents of your staff members.

Notice the small victories, too

Upselling, delivering on your brand’s identity, and forming powerful teams are all smart ways to use video surveillance tools. But, the footage and audio that you’ll get from your surveillance efforts isn’t only about the big wins.

Perhaps a staff member went above and beyond to help a customer, or maybe they turned an agitated patron into a satisfied buyer, and you’d love to turn these isolated incidents into consistent occurrences. Data from your video surveillance provider will help you analyze and measure these interactions so that you can experiment with different techniques to achieve lasting results.  The loyal customers that you’ll acquire are just a big bonus to a, seemingly small, employee-to-customer interaction.