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Ways Restaurants Can Improve Customer Satisfaction Using Analytics

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Quick service restaurants and fast casual restaurants are fiercely competitive when it comes to customer satisfaction. Coming up with a strategy for delighting customers each and every visit can be a daunting task for many QSR professionals. Video analytics can help spot inefficiencies in your operations and areas where that can impact customer satisfaction. By delivering analytics and information proven to drive customer loyalty, retention of customers, customer recommendations and frequency of visits, Envysion can help you boost customer satisfaction. Here are eight ways to use this data to keep your customers happy.

  1. Use comprehensive analysis of recorded video to boost operational performance in critical QSR areas like staff friendliness, speed of service, order accuracy, up-selling and cleanliness.
  1. Gain a deeper understanding of guest attitudes, personal perceptions and the likelihood of your customers to recommend your QSR with deep-dive customer satisfaction information.
  1. Use analytics to understand what your customers want from their restaurants experience and learn what aspects of your customer’s QSR experience are most important to different segments of your customer base.
  1. Use video analytics to track the movement of your employees, managers and customers through your quick service restaurant to determine if a better store design can help improve efficiency and drive more sales.
  1. Use analytics to drill down into customer surveys and survey-taking behavior to help plan better marketing campaigns, determine which restaurant policies deserve to be changed, and identify the best times to send texts, emails, and incentives. Analyzing social data can also help QSR operators get more out of social media and leverage goodwill by supporting trends and causes that amplify customer satisfaction.
  2. By analyzing customer behaviors using video surveillance and analytics, you can identify customer pain points and solve them before it’s too late.
  3. Use audit services on top of video surveillance and analytics to measure employee behavior. One very large QSR group, Chipotle, uses Envysion’s tools and technology to minimize internal theft and provide scalable visibility of the metrics that the restaurant operator uses to measure customer satisfaction.
  4. Give employees selective access to the data gained from video surveillance and analytics. One of the biggest benefits of video is that it’s a clear and truthful depiction of how a quick service restaurant operates. By showing video and data selectively to your employees, you can demonstrate good customer service and demonstrate why customer satisfaction is so important. Who knows—your employees or managers may even have insights or ideas based on their absorption of the data.