Mall kiosks, with their relatively low overhead, small inventory requirements, 360-degree exposure and high foot traffic, have been a boon to many retailers. Their low start-up cost and attractive lease options can be an effective way to counter the growth in online purchasing in today’s volatile economic environment.

But in the past, because of the limited physical infrastructure, slow internet speeds, difficulty of finding camera locations and an often noisy environment, kiosk locations made it difficult to leverage modern video technology in order to train employees to improve sales performance, to enhance the customer experience and to monitor fraud and theft.

At Envysion we recognized the challenges faced by retail kiosks and introduced a turnkey solution that enables kiosk operators to see and hear what is happening at all mall locations. Envysion Insights for kiosks is an end-to-end solution that can:

  • Enhance the customer experience by offering video and audio visibility into each customer interaction.
  • Mitigate fraud and theft by providing a clear, undisputed view of high-risk transactions such as cash refunds, chargebacks, cash-outs and more.
  • Drive sales by offering employees a positive training and coaching experience to educate them on cross-selling and upselling techniques.
  • Streamline operations by examining key practices and processes such as uniform compliance, opening and closing procedures and activation procedures.

Attique Rasheed, head of training and operations at AT&T Portables, the largest AT&T dealer in the Washington D.C. and the Baltimore, Maryland area, is currently using Envysion Insights for kiosks in a test program. In a loud hallway in one of the busiest malls in America, Rasheed has seen measurable success and is pleased with the quality of the video. “It’s been working great for us. The screen and the voice quality is great for the amount of internet we have available in this location.” A firm believer in intelligent video technology as a coaching tool, Rasheed believes that reinforcement, not criticism is the key to sales training success.

The proof is in the numbers. “We use Envysion to give our teams positive feedback. Employees perform better and we see the results. After installing video and audio at our kiosk location, our profit went up 25 percent,” he said. “We have noticed stores with video intelligence perform better across the company.”