RiskLimiter + Envysion Integration

The RiskLimiter & Envysion integration allows operators to view the video of completed inspections while having the benefits of cloud reporting & digital data capture for all of their inspection processes. 

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RiskLimiter Screenshot #1

Why Choose RiskLimiter?

General Liability Expenditures

Enhancing premise cleanliness reduces the frequency of claims while our location-driven technology proves quality of care.

Food Safety & Sensor Monitoring

Digitized food safety logs & 24/7 sensor monitoring help to ensure the safety of your guests while eliminating product loss. Any type of paper log can be transformed to RiskLimiter’s behavioral-based inspection software while RiskLimiter sensors can notify management of failed temperature-controlled units via telephone call, text message, and email alerts. Also part of RiskLimiter’s Inspection Suite is sensor automation for cooling, cooking, and time as temperature-controlled logs.

Incident Reporting 

RiskLimiter’s Reporter tool was originally created for documenting & reporting consumer & employee incidents. Pairing your Envysion account allows for a full spectrum documenting process with video, inspection reports, and more.

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