Video Features

Watch Video

Watch Video

Stream live or recorded video from any of your store locations or camera views via our web and mobile applications.

Digital Video Zoom

Zoom in to a particular camera view up to 4x and easily pan from side to side while zoomed in to hone in on key details.

Multi-Up Views

Simultaneously stream live or recorded video from multiple synced cameras. Stream anywhere from 2 to 16 camera views at once.

Switch Cameras

Need another view? No problem. Quickly switch to another camera on the same DVR while preserving your search filters and point in the video stream.

Full Screen

Stream live and recorded video in a full screen view.


Pause live or recorded video.


Move through your recorded video one frame at a time to carefully evaluate key moments.

Slow Motion

Play video back at reduced speed to more easily determine exactly what’s happening.

Playback Rate

Choose a playback rate at speeds up to 4x the original pace.

Jump Back

Jump back 15 seconds while streaming recorded video.

Bandwidth Indicator

Monitor the average bandwidth available at a particular location to troubleshoot network issues that may be interrupting video streams.


See and hear the full story from any camera with audio support enabled or choose to mute the audio.

Click & Drag Timeline

Click and drag a timeline interface for easy, intuitive navigation complete with a thumbnail preview showing you where you are in the video.

Live Monitor

Easily configure a live monitor mode allowing you to view multiple sites at once. Saved camera views make it effortless to pull up the sites you view most often.

Oldest Video Widget

See how many days your oldest available video has been on your DVR.

Jump to Last Recorded Video

When a camera is offline, easily jump to the last recording before the offline event.

Event Journal

View a list of transaction-based events which occurred during a segment of recorded video and skip to a specific event by selecting it from the list. You can also search recorded video by specifying a receipt number and date.

Search & Filter

View Locations

Easily view all locations installed with the Envysion Video Recording system from a simple list–all via one login.

Search for Locations or Cameras

Drill down to a specific location or camera view with this easy to use search feature.

Motion Search

Save time by automatically isolating instances of specific action across days and hours of video from a particular camera.

Date Search

Hone in on the exact interaction you’re looking for with search by day and time or specific date range for a particular DVR or camera.

Clip Storage & Sharing


Take a snapshot of a specific frame in a live or recorded video stream from a particular camera. Flip backward and forward between still frames to capture a specific snapshot and easily download to your computer or mobile device.

Share Clips

Easily share video clips from your cloud-based MyClips library with other users to specific users, user groups, or individuals outside the application via password-protected URL. You can even set an expiration date for clip URL links for added protection.

Save Clips

Save clips of single and multi-up recorded video up to 24 hours in length from a particular camera to your computer or to the cloud via the My Clips library. Add a clip name, description, and tags to make it easily searchable and sortable by you and your team.

Deep Links

All browser URLs offer copy/paste convenience for sharing deep links to specific areas of the application and points of time within your recorded video. (Login required.)


Hierarchy Site Management*

Specify the hierarchy by which locations should be organized.

DVR Configuration

Configure the DVRs that will be displayed in the application.

 User Access Controls

Specify the access controls each user should have.

Envysion Local

Watch live or recorded video locally.

Public View Monitor (PVM) Support

Easily configure your Public View Monitor (PVM) with a simple drag and drop layout editor. Display up to 16 camera views per monitor and enable dual-monitor views.

Camera Configuration

Configure the cameras that will be displayed in the application.

*Feature access limited to admin users. For new customers, the Envysion configuration team will work with you to ensure that your preferences are set for you upon installation.