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Access Envysion video from within the Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools you already use to verify loss and operational incidents more efficiently.

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Don’t rely on either video or transaction data alone to uncover loss— use both to make your investigation airtight. With Envysion video always a click away, verifying loss and operational incidents is quicker and easier than ever before.

Verify incidents faster with Integrated Video

Single sign-on between applications

Video and transaction data displayed side-by-side

Incident tracking workflow

Ability to view insights and trends

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Hodges Management

"Video evidence from our Envysion system combined with intelligence from exception reports and other sources makes it easy to pull up audio, video, and point-of-sale data to verify any complaints of being treated rudely, store cleanliness, or anonymous reports of theft. It’s the best insurance policy money can buy.”

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Here at Envysion, we are always striving to exceed our customers’ expectations. To that end, we have forged relationships with many of the industry’s preferred business intelligence reporting platforms to satisfy our client’s unique needs. Don’t see your reporting software listed here? Click below to view a complete list of our industry partners.

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