The True Cost of Theft

Don’t Lose Sight of the Full Picture

You Deploy Envysion and Discover Theft

Your Area Manager suggests Envysion’s Solution Suite offering tight integration with your POS system.

Powerful filtering capabilities help identify exceptions

Video tied to transaction data provides visual verification

Envysion’s Audit Team helps to find and verify exceptions on your behalf

You quickly discover employee theft in your store and resolve the issue before it becomes an epidemic.

Employee theft impacts nearly every line of your profit & loss statement. After a year of playing catch-up and trying desperately to keep your head above water, you could easily end up with individual store losses of more than $50,000 caused by employee theft alone. Across 50 stores, that’s more than $2,500,000 per year.

And if it’s a manager doing the stealing – that number could be much, much higher. 

Can you afford to lose that kind of money?

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Do The Math

Plus additional costs from theft:

With Envysion’s Solution Suite, you can track down exceptions in your POS data and verify them with video.