Become an Exception Reporting Hero

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Cover-graphic-with-textMost retail and restaurant operators collect an overwhelming amount of data from their POS, traffic counting, time and attendance and other in-store systems. Video integrated exception reporting allows users to isolate just the information that is important to running their business. Most companies first deploy exception reporting to address low hanging loss prevention opportunities, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve mastered the basic loss prevention reports, what do you do?

This guide outlines specific reports to use, what to look for and how frequently to run the reports to take exception reporting to the next level and drive increased value in your business. Read on to master using exception reporting for operations, marketing, R&D and sophisticated loss prevention.

Included Advanced Exception Reports:

  • Operations
  • Traffic Count & Sales Conversion
  • Customer Experience & Cost of Goods Sold
  • Checkout Efficiency
  • Labor and Payroll
  • Marketing and R&D
  • New SKUs
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • Advanced Loss Prevention
  • Checkout Fraud
  • Non Cash Theft
  • Employee Purchases
  • Sweethearting
  • Post Sale Theft
  • Cash Handling