“We’re able to stop employees from making errors, which cost us thousands of dollars, or that cost us customers, which translate to thousands of dollars. With only a couple of sales or a couple of security issues, Envysion pays for itself in each store.”

In some ways, 4G Wireless isn’t very different from other wireless retail stores. They are increasingly targeted for theft and fraud because their inventory is valuable. They also want to promote best practices as they grow and expand. But 4G Wireless stands out from the crowd when it comes to protecting and growing their business. They’ve adopted a modern video surveillance system that’s helping them to not only reduce theft and break-ins, but also make improvements across their entire company—giving them the footing they need to grow their business.

Using Modern Video Surveillance Systems to Support Growth at 4G Wireless Stores

As 4G Wireless expands, the company is focused on strengthening its foundation to support this growth.

“We can’t expand just by doubling, tripling, or quadrupling our team,” says Rob Metzger, Director of Sales Operations and Business Development at 4G Wireless. “We need to use technology as much as possible to find efficiencies, reduce losses, and fine-tune our selling. That’s where Envysion comes in.”

A Premium Retailer for Verizon Wireless, 4G Wireless piloted Envysion’s video-driven business intelligence (video-driven BI) products with five stores earlier this year, and quickly expanded to use it in all of their stores. Using a combination of reports and remotely accessible video and audio integrated with 4G Wireless’ point of sale (POS) tool, iQmetrix’s RQ, 4G Wireless has moved beyond traditional video surveillance to a modern video surveillance system that is improving security as well as many other areas of their business.

Encouraging Good Behavior and Discouraging Bad Behavior at 4G Wireless Stores

Metzger says that 4G Wireless uses Envysion products to watch and listen to behaviors in their stores—both good and bad. This gives them the information they need to take action to either encourage or discourage those behaviors.

Here are a few examples of how 4G Wireless is benefiting from this approach:

  • Improving sales – Metzger uses an automated report based on sales to watch for what he considers “good sales,” meaning a sale in which the customer experience was excellent and profit was maximized. He then uses video from the good sales report to coach employees on best practices. He says they’ve had a number of training opportunities and corrective actions resulting from that report. Metzger adds, “Right now I am asking my managers to look at the cameras when they aren’t busy. They can check on employee behavior at all of their stores, watching for training opportunities without having to travel to each store.”
  • Reducing employee fraud and policy violations – Jumana Salman, Internal Auditor at 4G Wireless, uses Envysion to research suspicious employee behaviors and send evidence of employee fraud or theft to upper management to review and take action.
  • Catching thieves Sally Ibarria, Loss Prevention Administrator at 4G Wireless, says she has Envysion open all day—looking through stores to see what’s going on. She catches employees not only violating procedures, but also stealing from the company. For example, she was able to uncover a store manager pocketing cash. He also stole accessories and took multiple handsets. The company has now taken him to court, and they have the video to back up their claims. Sally also is able to help catch external thieves. For example, after one armed robbery, Sally was able to quickly pull up video on her cell phone from the robbery and tell police exactly what thieves touched in the store so police could lift fingerprints of the robbers, which eventually led to their arrest. This type of close monitoring has made a difference. Employee theft is going down, and so are robberies.
  • Investigating customer complaints Don Weis, Customer Service Specialist at 4G Wireless, uses Envysion to watch video corresponding with customer complaints. In one instance, a customer was trying to get a discount by claiming that a sales representative did not tell her about an upgrade fee. After watching video and listening to audio, he was able to determine that the sales rep did, in fact, tell her about the fee.

Results Are Stacking Up for 4G Wireless

4G Wireless has made staffing changes since adopting Envysion. Metzger says those staffing changes were due to having visibility through the Envysion system into people acting outside of company policies.

“We’re able to stop employees from making errors, which cost us thousands of dollars, or that cost us customers, which translate to thousands of dollars. With only a couple of sales or a couple of security issues, Envysion pays for itself in each store.”

Metzger adds, “When you catch behaviors—good and bad—it sends a message. Behaviors improve across the board.”