We have a comprehensive system that captures every moment, video and audio, so that we can really have a clear view of what’s happening every moment.

It’s not uncommon for wireless retailers to focus on improving both customer experience and security. And, it makes sense: Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any retail organization, and reducing losses ultimately contributes to increased profitability. As companies grow, though, it’s not always easy to maintain consistent practices that lead to customer satisfaction and decreased theft.

Here’s a good example of how one wireless retailer is tackling these challenges with great results: AT&T Portables is using modern video technology to gain visibility into all aspects of their operations. Using Internet-accessible video and business intelligence reports, they’re getting the insights they need to improve sales performance, decrease theft, and coach their employees — all without having to travel to each of their stores.

Improving Customer Experience and Store Security with Modern Video Technology

With 27 locations and 20 years of experience selling AT&T wireless products and services, AT&T Portables is now the largest AT&T dealer in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area. As the company grew, the leadership team wanted to continue delivering the level of service their customers had come to expect — consistently, and across all of their stores. At the same time, they needed to deal with store security.

A Custom Video Technology Solution

Envysion worked with AT&T Portables to design and deliver a video technology solution that addresses their unique needs. The solution includes high resolution cameras to capture detailed video that can be easily searched. Audio microphones provide detail on every customer interaction. The system integrates with the AT&T Portables’ point of sale (POS) system, allowing them to pull up video based on individual transactions.

“We have a comprehensive system that captures every moment, video and audio, so that we can really have a clear view of what’s happening every moment,” said Attique Rasheed, head of training and operations for AT&T Portables.

Remarkable Results

Using their Envysion solution, AT&T Portables is now gaining a real-time window into every store, helping managers understand what’s happening in their stores without having to be there in person. The results have been remarkable:

  • Stores that had been showing a consistent decline in sales turned around to be top performers.
  • Internal employee theft is down, and when issues do occur, the management team is able to quickly resolve them.
  • Employees are now as focused as managers on consistently delivering exceptional customer experience.

Tackling the dual challenges of delivering a consistent high-quality customer experience while improving store security may seem daunting, but AT&T Portables has found an approach that works.

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