If your company is like many out there today, you’re likely looking to update your retail video surveillance system. But before you do, there are a few things you should know about your options.

The world of video surveillance has changed a lot over the years. Today’s retail video surveillance systems offer much more than just high-resolution video. For example:

Not only do modern retail video surveillance systems help you to improve security, they can help reduce loss and increase revenue for your entire company by improving everything from loss prevention and operations to marketing and sales.

Five ways that modern video surveillance systems can help you increase profits for your company:

  1. Save money – By accessing video remotely, your store managers no longer need to visit each store just to see what’s going on. This greatly reduces travel costs and time.
  2. Prevent employee theft – Modern retail video surveillance systems can send exception reports and alerts when, for example, a suspicious transaction takes place, allowing you to click to the specific video of that transaction for more details. Your security and loss prevention folks can access reports and video of any store from anywhere, making the teams more efficient, and giving them more time to investigate an increasing number of various types of fraud and theft.
  3. Improve your customer experience – Managers can watch video in all of their stores to ensure that customers are greeted properly and that their questions are answered in keeping with company policies. This helps to ensure a consistent customer experience and, ultimately, helps with sales and customer loyalty.
  4. Improve your sales – Managers can watch reports for high-value sales and low-value sales and then watch video of those sales to determine common themes from each to use in employee training. For example, for high-value sales, managers might find that sales reps consistently greet customers at a particular display and answer their questions. Greeting customers at the display can become a standard practice, and video of top sales can be used in training new and underperforming reps on best practices for better sales.
  5. Improve operational efficiency – Managers can access reports and video for each of their stores – without even leaving their office. This gives them visibility into what’s happening at each store so they can find ways to make improvements in company policies, employee training, and operational efficiencies. For example, if a manager notices that employees are using quiet times to sit behind the counter or talk on their cell phones, he or she might implement a new policy that employees should be straightening store shelves during quiet times.

Before you decide on your next video surveillance system, be sure to consider how it can help your entire company to reduce loss and increase revenue. If you choose not to upgrade to a modern system, you’re not only missing out on the latest in video surveillance systems, you’re also missing out on opportunities for improved sales and decreased losses. And, that means you’re missing out on opportunities to increase profits.