The Easy Way to Help Buyers Understand New Technology

Wireless technology is constantly changing and evolving. As a result, many consumers are confused and overwhelmed about their choices. New smartphones are on the market regularly, tablets are re-designed to be more powerful… and buyers don’t know how to choose the devices that best fit their unique needs.

Wireless retailers can help ease this anxiety and eliminate confusion by communicating effectively with their customers so that buyers happily walk away with tech that will make their lives easier, not harder.

Don’t bore customers with detailed technology jargon

The average consumer probably doesn’t need to understand the intricacies of their technology – they just need to know how to use it for their specific needs. Don’t confuse buyers with details about the tech inside their devices, just show them how it suits their lifestyle.

For example, the chips inside many smartphones are filled with advanced technology that makes those gadgets operate much like full-sized computers. However, as Cnet points out,  most customers simply don’t care about or need to know those details. But how can employees figure out what customers want, and need, to know? It’s simple: ask them.

Show buyers what they want, but ask them, too

Steve Jobs didn’t believe in asking customers what they wanted from their technology. Instead, he showed them the possibilities. This might have worked for Jobs, but it doesn’t mean that the average tech retailer should take the same risks. We can take many lessons from the success of Apple, but there’s only one Apple. As Forbes points out, Jobs was uniquely talented and had a world-class creative team behind him.

Wireless retailers can benefit from Jobs’ wisdom, but employees shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, either. One customer might need a powerful camera on their smartphone, another might need an easy-to-use device that doesn’t come with a lot of customization options. Show, ask, and listen to help customers understand wireless technology.

Continuously train employees to deliver the best customer service and assistance

If employees don’t understand the latest wireless technology offerings themselves, they certainly won’t be able to effectively help customers. After all, changing technology can be confusing for employees, too. Business owners can, and should, ensure that their employees remain in the know by offering regular training on new technology.

Once employees are educated about all of the changes and innovations in their field they can work on helping customers make the best wireless technology purchasing decisions.

Help employees deliver better customer service

It’s vital that businesses understand and analyze how their stores operate on a daily basis. One of the easiest ways to acquire in-depth knowledge is through video surveillance. Wireless retailers have tapped into the power of video to improve customer experience and satisfaction by carefully analyzing transactions, how employees help customers, and more. The result is confident employees who care about the customer experience that they’re delivering, because they can see the results immediately. It’s an excellent positive reinforcement tool.

Once employees are properly trained and educated they can start helping customers understand what they need. Additionally, by not burdening them with too many high-level details, wireless retailers can help create more happy owners of new technology while increasing their profits.