For more sales, upgrade your wireless retail marketing strategies

Wireless retailers who sell mobile technology have more competition than ever, especially as big box stores like Walmart and Best Buy bring mobile offerings into their storefronts. On a national level, many of the promotional offerings are the same—more reliable coverage, faster 4G, and similar products across carriers, so how can a wireless retailer stand out on an individual basis to attract more local customers?

One way to stay ahead of the competition is to examine your marketing and sales campaigns. You want to be continually cultivating and generating brand awareness, but that can be difficult to accomplish in the wireless industry. Thankfully, you have plenty of options available. Try implementing these marketing and advertising techniques the next time you revamp your advertising and see if they lead to increased sales.

Use your customers’ smartphones as part of your marketing strategy

As a wireless retailer smartphones probably make up a large chunk of your sales, so you already know that your customers are going to be using their phones regularly. SMS marketing is one unique way to harness the power of our mobile phones to make your store stand out.

Here are a few examples of how SMS marketing can work for your wireless retail store.

  • Send automatic contract expiration reminders to existing customers, with upgrade information or promotions.
  • Remind customers about upcoming appointment times, if they’ve scheduled an appointment.
  • Let customers know when an anticipated phone model is hitting the shelves.
  • Send out notifications when there’s a sale or promotion happening in-store, and even providing a coupon code or discount to customers enrolled in the SMS service.

The key here is not to send out texts too frequently, get permission before including a customer on your SMS list, and to always include a way for customers to unsubscribe. When asking customers to opt in explain that they’ll only receive a few relevant texts about promotions, appointment reminders, and other pertinent information. To learn more about SMS marketing, and about the legality behind it, read more from About.com.

Use social media to your advantage

You already know that your customers can be found online, so why not ramp up your social media marketing, too? The major wireless retailers already have robust online presences, but that doesn’t mean that your store can’t have an online persona of it’s own.

Attract new followers and “likes” on social media platforms in the same way you would ask for email addresses or cell phone numbers for SMS marketing—simply ask them to follow your business and offer a discount or incentive:

  • A percentage off of their next purchase
  • A small accessory
  • Extended insurance
  • An entry in a drawing to win a larger item
  • Or any other incentive that makes sense for your unique store

You can even use your social media profiles to hold contests (this is another helpful way to collect emails, too). Customers who like your Facebook page could be entered to win a tablet, for example. Don’t forget to advertise your social media channels and any contests you’re holding in store as well.

No matter how you choose to utilize marketing via the Internet, it’s typically a very smart business move.

Offline marketing tactics for wireless retailers

The Internet is an excellent place to channel your marketing and advertising efforts but it’s hardly your only option. Traditional marketing strategies like signage, billboards, print ads, and more are all viable options that you can use to increase brand awareness about your wireless store. If you’re looking for something more unconventional with even more local impact, guerilla marketing is another option.

What is guerilla marketing?

To put it simply, guerilla marketing is an “advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.” If you’d prefer to stay away from more traditional advertising, you may love the creativity of doing something unique and eye-catching. Examples of guerilla marketing that would work for a wireless retailer include:

Mobile billboards;

Your physical products may not be entirely unique, but guerilla marketing allows you to tailor your outreach efforts to fit your location. For example, the Vodaphone pickpocket scheme would work very well in cities or larger metro areas where petty crime is common. If your storefront is in a more rural or suburban location, mobile billboards or traditional billboards are a better option. But, whatever you do, don’t pull a stunt like the Vodaphone streaking incident of 2002 in Australia. Having two gentlemen run across a football stadium wearing nothing but the company logo is rather creative, but it’s also quite illegal.