Understanding Upselling and Wireless Retail

Along with being able to “read” a customer, understanding which supplementary items are frequently purchased with feature products such as smart phones and tablets is key to upselling. This is one retail area where having the comprehensive ability to capture and analyze the customer experience is crucial to success. According to Digital Journal, the mobile accessories market is expected to outpace the growth of the global smartphone market, with a double digit growth rate during the coming six years.

That means that wireless retailers must have constant monitoring of their sales, customer service platforms, and operations to ensure that customer behaviors are being appropriately guided. What is even more important is that video-driven analytics combined with video surveillance is a proven way to identify, scrutinize and cross-reference customer patterns in real time in order to reinforce lucrative behaviors.


Traditional video surveillance is typically used primarily for security applications. Having a 24/7 monitoring platform is a much more powerful tool than many business owners think. Envysion differentiates itself from other providers by providing the tools to not only see what’s happening in a store but to connect it to business intelligence in order to maximize profits. This technology allows a sales manager to determine which promotions are successful in bringing customers in the door, how displays are helping employees engage with potential customers, and most importantly, determine which techniques are helping your team successfully upsell as well as identify why certain promotions or techniques aren’t working as well as they should.

Cloud-based monitoring solutions are also more dynamic, because they can be accessed by multiple devices including smart phones, tablets, or the office computer. This also allows for trainers and sales managers to focus their physical efforts where they’re needed most, instead of trying to be everywhere at once in a multi-location operation.

Because video-driven analytics help determine the journey of customers through a store, track the customer service experience, and can physically pinpoint where a customer may be at any one time, it can also help wireless operations design their layout in smarter ways. Accessories, which can include cases, chargers, and USB-connective devices all the way up to podcasting equipment, are high-margin items and need to be located at the physical point in the store where they are most likely to catch a potential customer’s eye. By using video to analyze the store’s physical layout, retailers not only use every square foot of floor space in the smartest way, but also train employees when and where to engage customers in the sales process.

Yet there are still more advantages to leveraging video-driven analytics into your wireless retail operation. By employing Envysion’s video platform across multiple locations, you can not only monitor operations, modify customer behavior and mitigate risk, but you have the ability to put a more intense focus on the most successful retail locations, determine what the store is doing to increase sales and beat the competition, and then replicate those techniques across retail sites that may not be performing as well. This application also allows you to determine if sales are down at a certain location because of a lack of employee engagement or if the store’s physical location is an issue.

The key is visibility. Envysion’s solutions can provide constant surveillance, real-time data and powerful analytical tools to help you optimize your operations, improve store performance, and help tell your story to your customers.