Full-Time loss prevention specialists have strategically different views

Running a wireless retail operation is a huge challenge, and one that requires a fool-proof loss prevention strategy. The high cost and relative mobility of retail wireless electronics makes them a very attractive target for thieves, shoplifters, robbery and even unscrupulous employees. Here’s why your team needs a loss prevention team.

  1. Loss prevention is a full-time job

    Because wireless retail is a specialty industry, store operators face unique challenges in finding a loss prevention approach that works in malls, strip centers, and freestanding stores. They also need solutions that fit stores that are staffed by two employees or two hundred employees. The primary role of staff is to be on the floor selling products, and tasking them with constant vigilance for signs of theft distracts them from that function and damages profitability. The role of management is to attack sales strategy, marketing, accounting, payroll and other functions that don’t leave enough time for loss prevention tactics. Only a full-time loss prevention team can build a strategy, implement the steps needed for success, and boot the bottom line.

  2. Loss prevention specialists have a different point of view

    The trick with choosing a loss prevention technology provider is to ensure that they see the big picture when it comes to your loss prevention strategy. You may simply want to know what a video surveillance system is looking at, or what it may be capturing. But an experienced video surveillance integration expert will examine how video surveillance can be integrated with your point-of-sale system to pinpoint fraudulent transactions, or how you can use heat mapping to determine where the “cold” spots in your store are and why placing an additional camera could be crucial to your loss prevention strategy. Only a full-time loss prevention team can work with your technology providers to get the most for your money and build the best long-term strategy for your retail location.

  • Full-time loss prevention specialists offer better training than slideshows or pre-packaged solutions

    Stores that have a full-time, in-house loss prevention team can provide better training and better overall support of your loss prevention strategy than stores that do not. Their dedication to training and awareness, role playing with sales staff on how to spot theft and recover merchandise, paperwork and register audits and video surveillance monitoring for anomalous events is unprecedented compared to the untrained.

  • Be strategic

    The biggest advantage of a full-time loss prevention team is the ability to be strategic. In the midst of daily store operations, holiday events, marketing strategies and other distractions, it can be really difficult to plan a five-year strategy and see it through, but if you do, it’s very rewarding. At its core, loss preventions strategies are about controlling what you can control, and containing what you can’t control. By controlling internal loss and containing external loss, you create an atmosphere where employees don’t believe the opportunity for successful internal theft exists, and outside thieves and shoplifters are aware of the sheer technical capabilities of your video surveillance system, and believe they will be caught if they steal.