Rapidly growing YUM! Brands franchisee uses Envysion Managed Video Solution to accelerate loss prevention investigations, enhance employee training, and maintain an accountability-oriented culture.


ZAK Family Foods, LLC, a YUM! Brands franchisee with 31 locations across four Midwestern states, announced the full deployment of the Envysion® Managed Video Solution for its loss prevention and employee training operations.

Envysion is a leader in loss prevention technology, providing actionable insights through the integration of live and recorded video, audio, and data for investigating loss. In conjunction with exception-based reporting tool Delaget Guard, Envysion offers store managers a unified interface for side-by-side video and transactional data, creating 360-degree transparency across each store’s operations.

With the upgraded video surveillance solution, restaurant managers and company leaders can instantly identify and verify incidents of loss in any store and issue appropriate extended training or disciplinary action.

Envysion provides the infrastructure and support services that allow the cream of the crop to rise to the top of our company. The in-depth surveillance and reporting capabilities create greater transparency across our business, enabling us to recognize teams for consistently great work, or address performance issues when they arise. Thirty one locations spread across four states is a large area to cover, and Envysion helps us be in every store at every minute to remain in constant communication with our staff.

Jason ZakarasPresident and CEO of ZAK Family Foods, LLC

ZAK Family Foods anticipates significant growth on the horizon and plans to utilize Envysion to support future expansion. Leveraging the intuitive loss prevention tools and ongoing product training from Envysion, the company will continue to fine tune its in-store operations and further cultivate a culture of accountability and respect that differentiates it from any other in the industry.

“It’s remarkable what that kind of accountability [Envysion] offers to the restaurant level. We had a situation where we were flat in sales, with a brand-new store, we found a twenty-dollar theft situation, we did not publicize it, but we made sure everyone was aware that we know what’s going on. Since then we have been up 16%-20% every single day going forward. I’m going to attribute it to the Envysion Loss Prevention Audits that…we have had 100% positivity with the team, and isolated the few people that were problematic and removed them from the system. The culture has changed and sales are growing. It has been pretty neat to see that.”


About ZAK Family Foods, LLC
ZAK Family Foods is the premier restaurant management company in the midwest. Serving communities in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin with world class operations in Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and Long John Silvers. The ZAK Vision “Every Guest Leaves Happy” is achieved only through our Mission, “a promise to position our restaurant family to WIN every day.”


About Delaget
Delaget helps new and growth-oriented restaurant franchisees expand their business and improve profitability by freeing them from IT and home-office tasks and equipping them with actionable business insights, so they can focus 100% on their store operations and growing their business. Delaget’s Data Management Platform and suite of reporting, analytics, and outsourcing solutions dramatically reduce the complexity of running a restaurant and support rapid growth. We were born of the Quick Service industry, understand its unique challenges and requirements, and know how to help restaurateurs run smarter, more profitable operations. Our customers include KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Hard Rock Café, IHOP, Panda Express, Hardee’s, Sonic, and more.


About Envysion

Envysion® is a leading video-based loss prevention solutions provider offering restaurant and retail operators instant and actionable insight, and enabling them to increase profitability 10-15% through broad utilization of powerful managed video and loss prevention solutions. Envysion® has transformed video surveillance into a strategic management tool for users across operations, loss prevention, marketing and human resources. Envysion’s award-winning software platform quickly scales to 1,000s of locations and 10,000s of users without straining the IT department or network. https://envysion.com