July 22, 2020

Solution Delivery Team Builds Premiere Customer Experience

In the early summer of 2019 Envysion established a customer-facing project management office to deliver Envysion solutions to our customers through uniform processes across our entire customer base. Today our team of solution delivery project managers (SDPMs) is managed by Ashley Bezek, who is translating her years of experience within our customer success organization into building a team of project management professionals laser-focused on exceeding customer expectations throughout the solution delivery process. The team is rounded out by brand and partner specialists committed to building strong internal and external cross functional alliances to drive operational excellence. The fruits of this effort were realized in our recent nationwide rollout to Noodles, a long-time Envysion customer. Despite the challenges of the season, we completed the project to specification, working closely with the Noodles team to navigate each obstacle.

The Envysion Order Management Portal was the landmark development of 2019 for the solution delivery team. Our SDPMs are using the portal to track both internal team and installation partner activities. In the portal, customer orders are translated into fully scoped and budgeted work orders assigned to the specialists who execute each task in the solution delivery process, including equipment shipping and installation, configuration of managed video services, POS integration, reports configuration, and audits. The portal also documents the process, empowering effective control of quality and cost.

While the portal efficiently moves shipping requests to our warehouse team, it’s the outstanding work of Keenan Bartlett and the business operations team that ensures timely stocking of our warehouse and the efficient tracking of EnVRs throughout their life cycle. Today, the team is shipping initial orders to schedule and service tickets to SLAs on over 95% of shipments, even in the face of the effects of Covid-19. All EnVRs authorized for return are being tracked, collected, and settled, thanks to the collaboration of the sales operations and accounting teams.

Additional best practices we continue to fortify include (1) complete technical documentation of the solution purchased, (2) complete documentation of the site environment our installation partners will navigate, (3) great handoffs between our internal teams through kickoffs, documentation, and portal work orders, (4) site-level installation cost analysis, and (5) strengthening our relationships with our manufacturers, installation partners, and distributors.

The goal? Delighting customers. Building a solution delivery experience that is accurately priced, rigorously documented, reasonably scheduled, thoroughly communicated, and expertly delivered by a team of project management professionals equipped to face any challenge in a collaborative win-win manner.

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