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PDF How to Maximize Wireless Sales with Video

With the wireless industry showing continued strong signs of increased sales, smart wireless dealers are hastening to find ways to capture more market share and build a foundation for profitable growth. Published August 20, 2012.

PDF Harnessing Big Data to Gain Competitive Advantage

While spending is on the rise, consumers remain prudent with their hard earned cash as high unemployment rates persist and income levels remain stagnant. In this hyper competitive marketplace, retailers face increased pressure to increase sales and reduce costs to grow profits. Learn how best-in-class retailers are using video-driven business intelligence. Published April 4, 2012.

PDF Using People Counting and Conversion Rates to Increase Sales

People Counting is, quite simply, counting people entering and exiting your store locations. People Counting gives retailers the visibility into their operations required to have a full picture of factors behind sales and where action should be taken to address opportunities to improve sales. Without People Counting, retailers are missing the complete picture and can find themselves making uninformed decisions in the absence of real data. Published December 1, 2011.

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View Envysion Analytics

Gain a better understanding into traffic and conversion data by leveraging video-driven business intelligenceTM.

View Flexible Data Integration - Access Control

See how Envysion's powerful reporting enables a security professional to use the off hours badge access report to see who has entered the building outside of normal operating hours.

View Review Sales Techniques and Maximize Sales with Envysion's MVaaS

See how Envysion enabled one wireless retailer to maximize sales through effective sales coaching of store associates.

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View Become an Exception Reporting Hero

A guide to take your exception reports to the next level

View Restaurant Cross Functional Playbook

Learn how restaurant operators can leverage video cross functionally to gain actionable insight into all aspects of daily restaurant operations and rapidly make improvements to increase profitability.

View Restaurant Operations Playbook

Learn how to leverage your existing video surveillance investment to make your restaurant operations more efficient and consistently execute on your brand promise.

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View Using Video Driven BI across Retail Functions

Retail Solutions Online explores how leading retailers are utilizing video-driven business intelligenceTM across departments to optimize every aspect of the store for the strongest return.

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PDF The Cross-Functional Impact of MVaaS

Envysion enables customers to increase profitability 10-15% by putting meaningful, but easy to use video and business intelligence into the hands of the entire company.

PDF Helping Customers Increase Profitability 10-15%

Case studies of actual Envysion customers show results of Envysion's MVaaS solution.

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PDF Protect and Grow your Business for Restaurants

Wouldn't it be great if you could use video integrated with your point of sale date to protect and grow your business?

PDF Envysion Mobile

Stay connected to your stores 24/7

PDF Envysion Analytics

Envysion Analytics delivers an essential tool to evaluate staffing needs, sales conversion ratios, marketing campaigns and overall store performance.