Use Video to REDUCE LOSS & Protect Your PIZZERIA

Stop the Loss in Your Pizza / Delivery Restaurant with Video Security + POS

With Envysion, gain the insights to track what's happening in your pizzeria and pinpoint where your money is going - without watching hours of security camera footage.

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Save Your Dough with Our Loss Prevention Policy & Procedures Checklist

An expert-crafted checklist that will help you make sure your pizza business is on track with loss prevention policies and procedures.


Protect Your Pizza Pies with the Leaders In Loss Prevention

Between theft, fraud, HR & legal issues, operational noncompliance, and poor customer experience—every owner & operator faces significant and costly business risk each day. Our solutions have been hand-crafted by people who truly know loss prevention best practices, saving you time, money, and ultimately making you more successful.

In these videos, we’ll take a walk through a bustling pizza restaurant and explore the various ways that Envysion’s managed video solutions protect your business against daily risks. Our solutions are hand-crafted by loss prevention experts to save you time and money, ultimately enhancing your success.

Expert Video Security for Pizza Location Owners
Transform Video Security into Business Intelligence
How It Works

The Ingredients Of Our Solution

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Your live or recorded video/audio is accessible from any internet connection providing a comprehensive overview of your store's operations.

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We seamlessly integrate your in-store security cameras with your POS transaction data.

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Each transaction is analyzed via exception reports to identify suspicious trends.

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Suspicious trends are reviewed to verify incidents and build a case for your team.

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Actionable information is delivered directly to your inbox so you can take action quickly.


Making Video Review Easy

Envysion’s Pizza Solution Suite provides a cloud-based platform for capturing and monitoring video across all your locations simultaneously. With Envysion’s managed video services, you have a team of professionally trained experts in video security and loss prevention on your side.

person at the cash register
Putting Pizza in Oven
Staff Development

Create A Culture Of Accountability

Ensure your pizza store is running smoothly and efficiently with access to live and recorded video from multiple camera views. Features such as Motion Search and Advanced Filtering make it easy to proactively monitor employee performance, customer behaviors, and operational efficiency.


Audit Programs

Looking to take your pizza business to the next level? Your existing security cameras can be used as more than just a security tool. Explore how our team of auditors can work with you to maximize your operations’ potential. 

From making sure your employees are following hygiene protocols, and using correct portion sizes, to monitoring deliveries and verifying the handling of cash drops and bank deposits, our team can help you identify and prevent theft and loss in your operations. Don’t let small discrepancies add up – let our experts work as an extension of your team and help you achieve your business goals.

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Envysion Platform Mobile
We've got your back

Gain Peace Of Mind

Protect your pizzeria and gain peace of mind with Envysion’s expert-designed audit programs. Our programs are designed to identify and prevent employee theft and fraud, reduce loss, and improve operational performance, providing valuable insights to protect your pizza store’s business and bottom line.

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